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New Zealand: Student Accommodation

'How can international students find accommodation in New Zealand?' [VIDEO]

Find out how international students can find accommodation in New Zealand

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Learn how to find student accommodation when studying abroad in New Zealand. We spoke to Shannon from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, about where and how international students can find accommodation before arriving in New Zealand, and what support the university offers.


Watch the video below from our Google Hangout with the University of Waikato (there’s also a quick summary after the video).


  • On-campus, off-campus — Learn about university services that help students find accommodation both on and off campus
  • Homestay — Learn what a ‘homestay’ is, and how universities can help you in arranging one
  • Advocacy — Find out how universities can help students connect with renting agencies, understand residency laws and give property renting advice


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