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Singapore: Student Finances

Tuition fees in Singapore

Our tuition guides for international students in Singapore

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Unfortunately, enjoying Singapore’s  charm does not come cheap. As well as having a high cost of living, tuition fees for international students are quite steep. But that needn’t deter you: there is a number of scholarship and subsidy options students are encouraged to look into when seeking to finance their studies. Hopefully with our guide, you can enjoy Singapore’s rich metropolises and booming international scene.

Regardless of study level, all students must apply for a student’s pass to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) within two weeks of receiving their acceptance into a university. The pass costs SGD 90 (US$ 71.50).

The fees below are a guide; we always recommend checking with the institution or department for the exact fee for the course you’re interested in.

Note: SGD 1 = £0.47= €0.58



As with living costs in Singapore, tuition fees for international students are unfortunately quite high, and vary considerably across institutions and study areas. There are also a number of additional costs international students will be faced with depending on their institution, such as student services fees, health insurance and other administrative levies. On average however, tuition fees area likely to range from SGD 13,730-SGD 40,010 (US$ 10,885-US$ 31,719) per year.

For example, international students at the National University of Singapore will pay the following by subject area for the 2013/2014 academic year:

  • Arts and social sciences...SGD 15,300 (US$ 12,130)
  • Business...SGD 17,900 (US$ 14,191)
  • Engineering...SGD 15,300 (US$ 12,130)
  • Law...SGD 21,600 (US$ 17,124)
  • Medicine (except nursing)...SGD 46,100 (US$ 36,547)


International students may apply for a tuition grant administered by the Ministry of Education to subsidise their fees. Whilst students do not need to pay back the cost of the grant, they are required to work in Singapore upon completion of their studies to contribute to its repayment. The period of required employment is longer for international students than it is for Singapore nationals.

Learn more about the Tuition Grant



Fees for postgraduate study are no less cheap, and are often made up of several components on top of basic tuition costs that differ from institution to institution. For example, it is common, but not always mandatory to pay a SGD 150 (US$ 119) application fee. You will most likely also pay a one-time matriculation fee of SGD 50 (US$ 40) and an exam fee of SGD 200- SGD 500, (US$ 159- US$ 397) as well as SGD 10- SGD 20 (US$ 8- US$ 15.90) for annual amenities, SGD 10- SGD 20 (US$ 8- US$ 15.90) for computers and an unfixed amount for health insurance. Yearly tuition fees are likely to be within SGD 20,000- SGD 54,000 (US$ 15, 855- US$ 42,810) depending on subject area and university.

For the 2013/2014 academic year, The National University of Singapore charged the following, by subject area:

  • Arts & social sciences...SGD 21,300- SGD 27,800 (US$ 16,886- US$ 22,039)
  • Business...SGD 21,300 (US$ 16,886)
  • Dentistry, Medicine...SGD 34,150- SGD 61,100 (US$ 27,073- US$ 48,359)
  • Engineering, science...SGD 21,300 (US$ 16,886)
  • Law...SGD 27,800 (US$ 22,039)


International students not receiving any kind of scholarship can also apply for tuition grants similar to those available to undergraduates.  Students applying for a grant will need to sign a service obligation agreement with the Ministry of Education that says you will work with a Singapore-based company for 3 years upon completion of your studies.

Subsidy amounts generally range from about SGD 5,000-SGD 40,000 (US$ 3964-US$ 31,711) depending on the program. Singapore University of Technology and Design for example offers full scholarships for a number of Masters programmes that also include a monthly stipend and overseas medical insurance, details of which can be found online.


If you find a course on our site you’re interested in, you should be able to get a rough idea of how much it costs. Otherwise, you can follow our links and get in touch with the institution directly.

Once more, we always recommend you confirm the fees for a specific course with the institution or department themselves. This information is available on our site or you can contact the institution themselves through us.


Now that you have an idea of what tuition costs in Singapore, why not start browsing courses in Singapore?


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