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The basics
Sweden: Before you leave

Five things to pack when studying abroad in Sweden

It’s not always easy knowing what to take with you to a new country – so here’s our list of 5 essential things to pack for Sweden.

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Of course, whichever country you choose to study abroad in you are going to need your standard study equipment  (pens, laptop, notepad, highlighters, calculator etc), but what specific items do you need to pack before you make your way to Sweden for your study abroad adventure? We’ve been in contact with the Study in Sweden team to get some insider knowledge on what you may need to pack before moving to the country! 


Winter clothing

Let’s start with the most obvious one: winter clothes. Sweden certainly does not have a reputation for being warm and there’s a reason for that! During the winter months, average temperatures are below freezing even in the big cities like Stockholm. Not only is it cold, many places in Sweden can be quite wet too! With an average of 18 days of rainfall in the winter months – and still up to 12 days of rain in the summer months – don’t forget to bring a reliable raincoat that is as waterproof as possible.


Large parts of Sweden also see quite a bit of snow in winter – so we recommend taking warm clothing too. Think fleeces, hats, scarves, gloves and warm jumpers to help you brave the elements!


Walking shoes

Sweden is a great study abroad location, allowing you to experience life in famous cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. All of these cities not only host universities ranking among the top 250 in the world but also offer lots of activities for students to do away from lectures. The cities feature a range of museums as well as spectacular spas and restaurants to explore.


Outside of Sweden’s cities, you can discover the countryside’s stunning scenery via detailed networks of well-marked walking paths that snake through the country. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to embark upon - from fishing and mountain biking, to skiing and snowboarding.


Whether you’re trotting around the city centre or exploring Sweden’s luscious countryside, what’s the one thing that you’ll definitely need? Yep, you guessed it, a good sturdy pair of walking shoes!



If sitting on a beach is more your kind of thing when you have a bit of free time away from your studies, then don’t worry – it’s definitely worth packing swimwear for your study abroad journey to Sweden!


Are you based in Stockholm? Visit Tanto Beach in the west of the city and take a dip before heading to one of the many bars or restaurants that surround it.


Or if you’re in Gothenburg, head to Stora Delsjön, a stunning lake with a steep green bank that offers mesmerising views over forests and pristine waters. There’s also beach volleyball, kayak hire and fishing opportunities. On warm summer days, this area is popular with people seeking relief from the heat (in some areas of Sweden, temperatures regularly climb above 20C+ in the summer).


There are plenty of other swimming spots in Sweden for you, no matter where you study!


A camera

With so much to do in Sweden, you want to capture your experiences, right? Make sure you pack a good camera so that you can take as many photos as you want.


All of your friends who decided against studying abroad will be extra jealous, and these snapshots will make for great content for your Instagram feed!


Haven’t got a camera but want to buy one before you head to Sweden? Have a look at this list of the best travel cameras!


Refillable water bottle 

We all know we should do everything we can to consume less plastic because of global warming and the environmental issues currently facing our planet. That’s one reason why we recommend taking a refillable water bottle with you to Sweden.


But interestingly enough, there’s a second reason behind our recommendation: bottled water is actually surprisingly expensive in Sweden. With prices for a 1.5 litre bottle of water reaching SEK 20 (almost £2), refilling a bottle allows you to save both the planet and your hard-earned cash!


Has this list got you excited about the possibility of studying in Sweden? Take a look at some universities in the country now!