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The basics
Sweden: Destination Guides - Must read

Why study in Sweden?

Why should you study in Sweden? Read our guide to Sweden as a study destination, including its high standing in world education, why the pop culture limelight is shining on it currently and the opportunities for EU students...

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Sweden may seem a cold and lonely land, only known for flatpack furniture and 70s pop music; but it’s actually one of the premiere study destinations in the world, an innovator in technology and one of the more intriguing locations in popular entertainment today. Find out below why you should pursue your higher education in Sweden...


Elite education

Did you know that Sweden’s higher education system is ranked fifth in the world for 2017? This is true according to the Universitas 21 Ranking of National Higher Education systems. This is particularly spectacular considering the size of the country and its economy. There’s a reason why Sweden is home to the Nobel Prize, the world’s most respected academic honor. The Swedish emphasise rationale and always having something to contribute, so students who go through the Swedish higher education system will become proactive members of any workforce, consistently producing new, practical and well-thought out ideas.


Be on the cutting edge

Over the last few years Sweden has carved a name for itself as a world leader in creating world famous computer apps and software – few realise that their origins began here because they are so ingratiated in daily working and leisure lives throughout the world. Commonly-used software like Spotify and Skype, as well as games like Candy Crush and Minecraft all have their roots in Sweden (and many retain their headquarters in the country to this day). These companies have contributed greatly to Sweden’s economy in recent years, especially during the global economic downturn (everyone still likes to play games on the train to work or stream music wherever they are apparently!). If you’re looking to jump into the attractive worlds of Computer Science, Technology and Software, Sweden should be high on your list of possible study destinations. Who knows what you might create?


In the current zeitgeist

Sweden has experienced a bit of a cultural renaissance in the last few years. Previously only known for providing the world with ABBA, you’ll know see Sweden providing a backdrop for many of the biggest TV shows and films of recent years such as The Killing, The Bridge and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. While these often-grizzly crime dramas don’t have the most cheerful of plots, it is putting the country in front of worldwide audiences who may have outdated notions of what the country is all about, something they’ll remember when it comes to choosing that study destination.



Free tuition for EU students

While Sweden has a reputation for being one of the more expensive study destinations, it does offer free tuition to students coming from EU countries. In the UK for instance, tuition fees have increased for domestic students, leading to many seeking alternative options like studying in Sweden. And while the cost of a coffee or a beer there might shock you, through careful planning you can find yourself saving money by choosing Sweden as a study destination.


Equality for all

One of the main concerns for international students when moving to another country is the cultural differences which they might not be aware of. Having perhaps never left their home country to go abroad, living in a new country without family can make international students feel apprehensive. However if you’re planning to study in Sweden, you don’t need to worry as equality and tolerance lie at the heart of the country’s values. So no matter your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be accepted.   


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