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The basics
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3 Fields to study in Sweden

Our overview of three key fields to study in Sweden

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The birthplace of the Nobel Prize, ABBA, Volvo and IKEA, studying abroad in Sweden gives students the chance to engage with a unique culture of forward-thinking and innovation. With five of the nation’s eight ranking universities in the world’s top 200, Sweden’s academic strength is spread across many different study areas. However, the nation’s inventive prowess, creativity and progressive social attitudes nominate three standout study options you should consider when applying to study abroad in Sweden.



Creators of the adjustable wrench, dynamite and the infamous file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, Sweden is an inventive technological powerhouse. Skype, Soundcloud, Spotify and Ericsson are all objects of Swedish invention, as well as a spate of nifty gadgets such as Zaplox, a smartphone app that enables you to electronically unlock doors and ‘hövding,’ an inflatable collar that acts as an airbag if you’re ever in a bicycle accident. With a number of key international investors coming to Sweden to try and sniff out the next Spotify, opportunities and advances in the technology sector are only set to grow: great news for students in fields of Technology and General Engineering, and other related Engineering or Computer Science and IT fields. 


Sweden is also a world leader in bio-energy use and environmental technology. The world’s first UN conference on the environment was held in Stockholm in 1972, and today the nation hosts much highly-regarded research in areas of renewable energy, sustainable water management and transportation. The nation’s highest-ranked institution Lund University is 31st in the world for Environmental Science, whilst the faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University offers students the chance to complete a number of specific, environmentally-focused Masters programmes, such as a Master in Environmental Chemistry.


Engineering courses at Jönköping University, University of Borås and Blekinge Institute of Technology


Computer Science and IT courses at Kristianstad University, Uppsala University and University of Gävle


Environmental Sciences courses at Mid Sweden University and University of Gävle.



Swedes aren’t just creative when it comes to technology: anyone can recognise the sleek, functional style of Swedish designs. Known for their creative take on merging minimalism with practicality, pieces Swedish furniture giant IKEA and clothing label H&M have taken the world by storm. With a wide-set creative focus on the potential of materials, modern technology and sustainable development, the possibilities for new directions in Swedish design are boundless. Design students in Sweden are taught to imagine the designer as a natural link, practical link to the conusmer and their needs, and are encouraged to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach in their creations.


Students many complete Design courses at a number of renowned institutions such as the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. With a number of arts and design councils, foundations, design awards and trade fairs, there’s plenty of ways for students of Creative Arts, Non-Industrial Design, Fashion and Textile Design and Industrial Design to uncover their creative potential.


Creative arts and design courses around the world.


Social Sciences

Known for its progressive social stance and national values of egalitarianism, Sweden has the highest level of wealth equality in the world. Sweden was also recently named the most socially advanced country in the world by the Social Progress Index, a title reflected in it's high-calibre study programmes: four Swedish universities rank within the world’s top 200 for Politics and International Studies, whilst six out of eight score in the same range for study programmes in Sociology


Sweden’s stable political state and ties to Europe enables students to engage with unique modes of political thought and social analysis whilst enjoying a multitude of resources from other European countries. What’s more, students have the opportunity to experience first-hand the liberal social attitudes cited as partial reasons for the nation’s consistent high scores on international quality of life and happiness surveys.


Browse all Social Sciences Courses Abroad


Inspired to create the next IKEA, Skype or Spotify? Why not browse courses in Sweden now and pursue your study abroad dreams?


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