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The basics
Sweden: Visa Guides

Applying for a student visa in Sweden

Our guide to getting a student visa for international students studying in Sweden

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It may be chilly and neatly tucked away in one of the world’s furthest corners, but the chance to enjoy Swedish education and culture is not one that should be passed up. Whilst the application process for a Swedish student visa may seem tricky and confusing, if you follow the procedure step by step there’s no reason why you won’t be able to realise your snowy study abroad dreams. Thinking of studying abroad in Sweden? Let our breakdown of how to apply for a student visa help take the stress out of your planning process.


Do I Need a Visa?

Whether you need a visa to study in Sweden will depend on your nationality and the duration of your study programme. Which type of visa you will need also will also depend on how long your study programme is.


I am an EU, Swiss or Nordic student...

Students from the EU, Nordic countries or Switzerland do NOT need a visa to enter and study in Sweden, regardless of how long their study programme is.


However, this could be affected by the outcome of Brexit.


EU students whose study programmes are longer than three months WILL however need to register their right of residence with the Swedish Migration Board. You must apply for this permit once you are in Sweden. Nordic and Swiss students will NOT need to register.


Swiss students whose study programmes are longer than three months will need to apply for a residence permit.


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Right of Residence

Students needing to register their Right of Residence must do so online no later than three months after their arrival in Sweden. Before you complete the form, you will need to register as a user on the Swedish Migration Board website, make sure you have a valid e-mail address and have all relevant supporting documents in digital form. You will also need to make sure your computer is able to read PDF files.


Once you have completed the application form online you will receive e-mail confirmation that you have been registered.  Your registration will then be sent to your address in Sweden, and will remain valid for as long as you live there.


Which documents will I need for a Swedish student visa?

You will need to have digital copies of the following documents when you submit your Right of Residence application:


  • A copy of your passport photo page or national identification card i.e. a home driver’s licence that proves your citizenship, personal data and expiry date. You will need a copy of both sides of the national identity card.
  • Proof of acceptance into a full-time study programme at a Swedish institution.
  • A digital copy of your health insurance policy.


There are no fees for registering with the Swedish Migration Board.


I am NOT an EU, Swiss or Nordic student...


Entry Visa (Schengen Visa): Programmes shorter than three months

Only students of selected nationalities completing study programmes less than three months are required to have a visa to enter Sweden. These students will need to submit a complete application to their local Swedish embassy or consulate at least 15 days before their intended arrival date in Sweden.  You may not apply for a visa earlier than three months of this date. When you submit your application at your nearest Swedish embassy you will be photographed and fingerprinted.


You will need to first contact your local embassy and let them know you plan to apply. You should then download the application form in English and the Family Details application form in English. Once you have printed and completed both forms, you should attach your supporting documents and submit your application in person. 


Students of some nationalities can apply for an entry visa online.


Find your nearest Swedish embassy or consulate

Check if you need an Entry Visa to enter Sweden

Check if you can apply for an entry visa online

Learn more about applying for a Schengen Visa


Residence Permit: programmes longer than three months

All non-EU, Swiss or Nordic students enrolled in study programmes longer than three months are required to have a residence permit BEFORE they enter Sweden.


You may apply for a residence permit online. Once you have completed the form, attached all supporting documents and paid the application fee, your application will be sent directly to the Swedish Migration Board. You will receive an e-mail when a decision has been reached on your visa status. Your host university will receive an e-mail with your visa status at the same time as you. 


If you are successful then you will need to make an appointment with your local Swedish embassy or consulate to go and collect your permit in person. You will need to bring a valid passport with you and be ready to pay the application fee when you do this. You will also be photographed and fingerprinted when you collect your permit.


Which documents will I need?

When lodging your visa application, you will need to include the following documents:


  • Two passport photos no more than six months old
  • Completed visa application form
  • Completed Family Details form
  • A photocopy of your passport photo page or national ID card, i.e. a home driver’s licence, proving your personal details
  • Proof you have access to enough living expenses to support yourself whilst in Sweden, i.e. SEK450 per day


You will need to pay a SEK 1,000 fee when you go and submit your application that is non-refundable if you are unsuccessful. The fee is usually paid in the local currency at the present exchange rate, and is rounded to the nearest whole amount.  


For your Residence Permit application, you will need to have digital copies of the following documents when completing the online application form:


  • A copy of your passport photo page, clearly showing your nationality, personal details, expiry date and whether you have permission to live in countries other than your country of origin
  • Your letter of acceptance into a Swedish institution
  • Proof of health insurance for students whose study programme is less than a year
  • A bank statement or proof you have access to enough funds to support yourself for the duration of your study programme, i.e. access to at least SEK 8,370 per month of study
  • Proof you have paid a portion of your tuition fees (your host institution will send this to you upon receiving your payment)


You should also have a valid Visa or MasterCard handy to pay the SEK 1,000 application fee required for your application to be submitted.


Now that you’re clear on the application process for a Swedish student visa, why not start browsing courses in Sweden now and start planning your study abroad adventure?


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