What will I learn?

On campus living is currently optional, but quarantine seems to have made this year’s freshman class less ready for off campus living. We want to make sure that they have a support system in place, which they will have in the dorms.

A degree in Political Science is the perfect choice for students who want to change the world. Our students gain knowledge about politics and policy, and develop sought-after skills--such as information-gathering and processing, analysis, research, decision making, and oral and written communication--that are transferable to many career paths after graduation. Areas of concentration include American politics, international and comparative politics, urban politics, public law, public policy and administration, and gender and politics. In addition to formal course work, internships are available in which the student can apply classroom learning and gain practical field experience.

Students can earn the BA in Political Science through in-person courses, online courses, or a combination of the two.

Total number of credits required for graduation: 120 hours (minimum GPA 2.0 and at least 2.0 in major). Majors must take at least 39 hours of political science course work. Majors must satisfy the university and college general education requirements. Political Science courses may be used to satisfy the social sciences requirement. The foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree may be satisfied in any language.

The following courses are required and comprise the core curriculum:

PS 1100, Introduction to American Politics
PS 1500, Introduction to Comparative Politics
PS 1800, World Politics
PS 3000, Political Analysis
PS 4950, Senior Seminar in Political Science

Majors are urged to take PS 1100, PS 1500, and PS 1800 as early as possible since these courses are designed to provide a substantive foundation as well as conceptual and analytical tools for subsequent course work. Because the seminar topics in PS 4950 change from semester to semester, the course can be repeated as an elective. All majors must take at least one Senior Seminar in Political Science.

Majors must also take at least one course in four of the following seven political science areas, in order to insure some breadth of study.

list of courses:

  • Public Law
  • American Politics
  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations

Career Outlook
Our graduates work in a variety of settings including the U.S. Foreign Service, CIA, U.S. Institute for Peace, nonprofits, and government. The variety of skills students develop, coupled with internship experience, make our graduates strong candidates on the job market. Early and mid-career Political Science graduates enjoy higher average salaries than those in Business Management and other fields. Political Science is also a path to graduate school and the top major of law school applicants.

Which department am I in?

College of Arts and Sciences

Study options

Full Time (4 years)

Tuition fees
US$24,406.00 per year
Application deadline

Expected November 2022

Start date

22 August 2022


College of Arts and Sciences

1 University Boulevard,

303 Lucas Hall,



63121, United States

Online/Distance (4 years)

Tuition fees
US$18,342.00 per year
USD $1,019 per credit hour
Application deadline

Expected November 2022

Start date

22 August 2022

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (4.0 scale) on minimum of 30 transferable credit hours (excluding nursing course work)

For international students

Students in their last year of high school should submit transcripts for all years completed thus far. Students who have completed high school must submit final transcripts and degree certificates or exam results.
Students who have studied at a college or university must submit university transcripts to date. If you have completed more than 24 credit hours at a university, you do not need to submit high school transcripts.
Transcripts are required from all high schools or universities attended.
Proof of English proficiency: This can be shown with an official TOEFL, IELTS or PTE-A score. The minimum requirements are 61 iBT TOEFL, 5.5 IELTS, or 44 PTE-A.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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