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University of Southampton Malaysia

Malaysia Malaysia





The University of Southampton is one of the best in the United Kingdom. It was one of the first universities to be included in the famous Russell Group, and it’s maintained a great reputation since it was founded. Now, the University of Southampton Malaysia is adding to this reputation. Southampton Malaysia is located in the Iskandar Puteri Eco Botanic City, and it’s quickly becoming one of Southeast Asia’s best engineering schools.


Students at Southampton Malaysia enjoy equal access to busy city streets and beautiful natural sights. Plus, they are all welcomed into a friendly and international student community. The Malaysian addition to the University of Southampton’s satellite campuses opened in 2012 and has already taught some of the best and brightest minds in fields like engineering, computer science, business and economics.


Graduate employment prospects from Southampton Malaysia improve every year. The facilities are modern, the libraries, labs and session rooms are well designed, and the students have access to all the newest technology in their fields, so they are prepared for professional standards during their degrees.


There’s technology on campus focused on everything from AI to aerodynamics and environmental preservation. Tutors and lecturers at Southampton Malaysia are experts in their fields, and they’re given all the resources they need to maintain a high and always up-to-date standard of student learning.


The university’s undergraduate courses in electrical and electronic engineering, computer science and aeronautical and manufacturing engineering are some of the best in the world. There are also several well-respected foundation and postgraduate programmes, which have led past students into strong and successful careers at world-leading firms (or in academia).


International students who would like to attend Southampton Malaysia will be able to access a wide range of helpful student services and support options, including career services, employability workshops and alumni networking events. They’ll also be eligible for scholarships, awards and bursaries to help them fund their studies abroad.


The University of Southampton takes student care as seriously in Malaysia as it does in the UK. This is an opportunity to study at a global university with very high teaching standards, and it’s an opportunity that any driven, hard-working student won’t want to miss.


Teaching Quality


As a founding member of the Russell Group with a great reputation, the University of Southampton is ranked 78th in the world by the QS World University Rankings and 20th in the UK. Education standards for the university’s satellite campus in Malaysia are just as high, and the teaching quality is hard to beat across the rest of Southeast Asia.


Southampton Malaysia ranks first in the world for electrical and electronic engineering, but it’s also doing extremely well and keeping standards up in every subject area. Tutors and lecturers meet the demands of the UK and Malaysian authorities, and high-quality teaching is offered across all foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.


Students can choose to study full-time in Malaysia on the Southampton Malaysia campus, or they can apply for a split-campus programme, spending half their time at the university in Malaysia and the other half in the UK. Whichever option they choose, they can be sure they’ll get an education full of high-quality teaching, attention to detail, excellent research projects and exciting work experience opportunities. Associate professors and faculty members always put student needs first.


The University of Southampton is often ranked as one of the best research universities in the UK, and research is a priority at Southampton Malaysia, too. This is a new but already world-leading institution with international appeal and a great academic reputation for subjects from computer science to engineering.


Entry Requirements


The university entry requirements for courses at Southampton Malaysia change from programme to programme. There are some general university requirements, like a minimum level of English proficiency (English is the language of teaching and assessment at Southampton Malaysia) and a minimum level of academic achievement.


Undergraduate applicants will need education up to the level of A Levels in the UK, or the equivalent to these in their home country. Postgraduate applicants will need previous university qualifications, usually a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject.


To give an example of the specific entry requirements that apply to certain courses, a bachelor’s degree in computer science will ask for three A Levels at A*, A, A or A*, A*, B, or the equivalent for a non-UK student. If, for example, they had an International Baccalaureate (IB) certificate, they would need a minimum score of 38 with 19 points at higher level, including a 6 at higher level mathematics – analysis and approaches and a 7 at higher level mathematics – applications and interpretation.


For a postgraduate applicant hoping to study the MSE in aeronautics and astronautics, the same IB scores would be needed. Different requirements will apply to students aiming to study in a foundation programme at Southampton Malaysia, but all the details are available on the university’s website.


English Score Required


Classes are taught in English at Southampton Malaysia, and assessments are written and marked in English. This means that all students who come to Southampton Malaysia need a good enough understanding of the English language. Most international applicants who don’t speak English as a first language will need to prove their proficiency to be considered eligible for admission.


At the foundation level, students can apply through the language pathway or the non-language pathway. Anyone applying through the language pathway needs to achieve a minimum overall International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 5.5, with no individual band scores below 5.5. Anyone applying through the non-language pathway needs a minimum overall IELTS band score of 6.5, with no individual band scores below 5.5.


All undergraduate programmes ask for a minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.5, with no individual band scores below 6. Scores change more between postgraduate degrees, and applicants should do their research. As an example, students applying for a master’s in digital marketing will need an overall IELTS band score of 6.5, with band scores of at least 6.5 in reading and writing and band scores of at least 6 in listening and speaking.




The admission process for Southampton Malaysia is similar across all levels of study. The first step is always to submit a student admission application online via the university’s student portal. Undergraduate applicants will need to share supporting academic transcripts from secondary school study/the equivalent, and postgraduate applicants will need to do the same for previous university education.


International students will need to provide some extra documents before they arrive in Malaysia and are fully approved for university admission. All documentation must be scanned and sent to the relevant department, and any documentation that isn’t in English should be submitted with an officially translated English version. Documents requested include:


  • As mentioned, full transcripts and academic certificates
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Details of any other academic awards achieved
  • A passport photo and a copy of their passport’s personal details page


The tuition fees for international students attending Southampton Malaysia will change between courses and study levels. As an example, the annual tuition for a PhD student studying engineering and the environment is RM 55,800.


For international students studying split campus courses, different fixed rates will apply to different years of study. Years one and two, at Southampton Malaysia, will cost RM 59,950 annually. Years three and four, at the University of Southampton in the UK, will cost GBP 18,896 annually (equivalent to RM 99,279).


Scholarships & Funding


There are lots of university scholarships available to international students studying undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Southampton Malaysia, and many of them can help a lot with reducing the overall tuition fees. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and achievement, and the exact amount awarded changes depending on the recipient’s grades/student record.


Three of the best undergraduate scholarships are the Top Achiever Scholarship, the Exceptional Achiever Scholarship and the High Achiever Scholarship. These scholarships are each awarded to engineering, computer science, economics, actuarial science and business students. For the Top Achiever level, students need three A*s and one A (or two A*s and one A for business students). 60 per cent of their year one tuition fees will be covered, and 40 per cent of their year two and three tuition fees will be covered.


For the Exceptional Achiever level, students need three A*s (or one A* and two As for business students). For the High Achiever level, students need two A*s and one A (or three As for business students). At both of these levels, 60 per cent of their year one tuition fees will be covered, and 20 per cent of their year two and three tuition fees will be covered.


There are other bursaries and funding support options available to Southampton Malaysia students, like the Transition Bursary for engineering students who split their study time between this institution and the University of Southampton’s UK location. The Transition bursary covers 20 per cent of tuition fees in years three and four. There’s also the Child of Alumni Bursary and the Sibling Discount, which waive 10 per cent of a student’s tuition fees for their first year of study in Malaysia.


University Structure


Southampton Malaysia is in the Iskandar Puteri Eco Botanic City in Johor, after relocating in late 2021. It offers lots of different courses, from foundation programmes to doctoral programmes, and there are some great postgraduate research opportunities. The 150,000-square-foot campus can support up to 2,000 students, and courses are run across the disciplines of business, computer science and engineering. The 16 courses available are:


  • A three-year BSc in accounting and finance
  • A three-year BSc in business analytics
  • A three-year BSc in business entrepreneurship
  • A three-year BSc in business analytics
  • A three-year BSc in business management
  • A three-year BSc in computer science
  • A three-year BSc in economics
  • A three-year BSc in economics and actuarial science
  • A three-year BSc in economics and finance
  • A three-year BSc in finance
  • A three-year BSc in marketing
  • A four-year MEng in mechanical engineering
  • A four-year MEng in electrical and electronic engineering
  • A four-year MEng in aeronautics and astronautics
  • A one-year MSc in digital marketing
  • A one-year MSc in finance


Research facilities and institutes at Southampton Malaysia include a wind tunnel complex in the Aerospace Laboratory (designed for Aeronautics and Astronautics students) and the Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Aerodynamics.




Southampton Malaysia’s lecture theatres and classrooms are all well designed to meet student needs. Each teaching space contains modern technology that can be used to enhance learning, as well as comfortable seating to keep students happy and focused. There’s a popular student activity centre on campus in the form of the physical library, but Southampton Malaysia students also have access to the full digital library of the University of Southampton in the UK.


After class, there are lots of fun student life centres and student activities to enjoy in and around the Southampton Malaysia campus, including over 20 student clubs and societies. Whether a person is interested in volleyball, music or meeting with other people who share their faith, there will be a club for them. The University of Southampton Malaysia Student Association (shortened to UoSMSA) manages these clubs and societies, helping everyone to find a place and settle in.


Students who want to relax after a day full of learning will love the eco-friendly setting and wide range of natural spaces at the Iskandar Puteri Eco Botanic City. They’ll find it’s always easy to connect to nature on campus.


Students who want to stay active and fit will be pleased to know that there is a full student recreation centre available in the form of the EduCity Sports Complex in the nearby EduCity Village. This complex includes a 14,000-seat stadium, indoor and outdoor sports courts and a full aquatic centre.




The two most popular student accommodation options for international students at Southampton Malaysia are the EcoNest and the EduCity Village. They’re both located nearby, with lots of great facilities, 24-hour CCTV and regular shuttle buses to the university.


Students who stay at the EcoNest university accommodation will have air conditioning, a TV, a washing machine, high-speed Wi-Fi and more. All rooms come furnished, and there are some great shared spaces, including pools, BBQ areas, a sky garden and a gym. The monthly cost for a single room is between RM 1,000 and 1,200. The monthly cost for a single room with a private bathroom is RM 1,300. The monthly cost for a twin sharing room with a bathroom is RM 900.


EduCity Village accommodation also has lots of useful facilities and shared spaces, including a TV, a launderette, and a prayer room for Muslim students. Just five minutes from Southampton Malaysia, students living in the EduCity Village will get to lectures quickly and enjoy their own privacy away from the university.


The cost of staying at the EduCity is slightly lower, and there are more shared rooms. The monthly cost for a single dorm-style room is between RM 650 and 950. The monthly cost for a twin sharing room is RM 750 per person. The monthly cost for a four-person sharing room is RM 500 per person.


Student Support


The University of Southampton’s highly rated student support services aren’t just accessible in the UK. Southampton Malaysia also has a full student support programme designed to meet all student needs and demands. The help on offer includes academic guidance, mental health assistance, immigration advice and more.


There’s direct student support available to everyone at Southampton Malaysia with disability/accessibility requirements. International students also have dedicated student services, including a range of unique welcome and orientation programmes. Any student struggling emotionally can be quickly connected to a student guide who acts as their care advisor, with help sessions available to attend online, on the phone or in person.


Overall, there is no moment where a Southampton Malaysia student isn’t 100 per cent supported. Whether struggling with academic demands, financial issues or mental health problems, the university is available to help and will do everything it can to keep students happy, healthy and focused on their education.


Graduate Outcomes


Southampton Malaysia is a new institution, but it already has strong graduate outcomes, which are improving each year. These outcomes reflect the amazing reputation of the University of Southampton and show that Southampton Malaysia is staying at the same high standards. Graduates from the campus have already achieved a lot. Some of them now work for world-famous companies like Rolls Royce, Intel and MAXIS, and they’ve taken the skills they learned on campus with them.


As well as preparing students for work in the classroom with practical learning as well as theoretical learning, there are also some great employment services at Southampton Malaysia that help students to explore their career options fully, build a path into the future and improve their employability.


The Southampton University Careers and Employability Service offers Southampton Malaysia students lots of career services, including work experience programmes, volunteering opportunities, internship opportunities, workshops and networking events. Internships of all kinds are offered at Southampton Malaysia, as the institution has great links to local industries.


Plus, students can sit down for a one-to-one session with a career guide to evaluate their options and plan ahead. They aren’t expected to figure out what they want in one day, but they are given the space and expertise they need to reach graduation with a strong idea of what comes next. This improves overall graduate outcomes and reduces a lot of the traditional student fear surrounding graduation. For Southampton Malaysia students, it’s the next step, not a step into the unknown.


The employment talks run by academics at Southampton Malaysia are modern, progressive and designed to reflect the current working world. Nothing a student learns in these talks is out-of-date information. Recently, there have been talks about AI working environments and increasing female empowerment in engineering.


Any hard-working engineering, science, business or economics student who wants to get a degree from one of the world’s best universities while studying in beautiful Malaysia should consider applying for a programme at Southampton Malaysia. The university is already making a positive impact in its fields, contributing to a more sustainable future, and its reputation will only continue to grow over time.


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Subjects you can study at University of Southampton Malaysia

  • Applied and Pure Sciences Applied and Pure Sciences
  • Computer Science and IT Computer Science and IT
  • Creative Arts and Design Creative Arts and Design
  • Engineering Engineering

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