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Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

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For students who’d like to study in the modern country of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a great option. It was set up in 1991 and now has eight colleges and centres for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


No matter what they choose to study, all students will be given skills and knowledge that will help them do well in almost any country or industry. NTU recognises that, as we live in a globally-connected world, teaching its students transferrable skills gives them the best chance of success.


Teaching at NTU is excellent. The university has its own InsPIRE institute, which makes sure that curriculums adapt to new information and technologies, and that the quality of teaching is always great. This way, graduates have the right information for a bright future in the industry they choose.


There are courses offered in lots of subjects, including business, engineering, humanities, arts and social sciences, medicine, science, education, and international studies. NTU also works with industries, organisations, and universities globally to offer students international opportunities. It focuses on students’ learning experiences and helps them to develop skills for a happy, successful future.


NTU has several scholarship opportunities for international students. It believes no student should be stopped from studying abroad because of money worries.


The university’s main campus in western Singapore is a "smart campus", with everything from a driverless electric bus to robotics and automation across the buildings. It has been given 61 Green Mark Platinum Awards for its buildings. There are natural and man-made works of art to enjoy, and even a Campus Art Trail for students to explore in their free time.


NTU Singapore is home to a friendly community of people from lots of different backgrounds and cultures. There are lots of sports, cultural activities, and academic groups to take part in or join. It’s easy to make new friends and professional connections here, and for students to really enjoy their free time.


International students get plenty of support with their English language skills and their wider studies. Even after they graduate, students at NTU can take part in online and industry-based learning opportunities. NTU has a high rate of graduate employment as well, making it a great place to study for international students.


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Teaching quality

NTU gives the next generation of leaders and industry experts the education they need to do amazing things. Teaching at NTU is excellent and always getting better. The university has its own InsPIRE institute, who help teachers review curriculums to make sure they’re always at the cutting edge of education.


InsPIRE also makes sure all staff keep up the high standard of teaching NTU is known for. Its goal is to set all students up for a brilliant future in any industry.


NTU is focused on helping its students build the three Cs: Cognitive Agility, Character, and Competence. This means that graduates will leave with the knowledge (competence), skills and outlook (character) and ability to solve problems (cognitive agility) that will give them a successful career.


NTU works with industries, organisations, and universities across the world, so its students get international opportunities to work and study.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements for the NTU vary depending on the course an applicant wants to study. The NTU website has detailed information about what students will need to be accepted onto each course. Undergraduates will need to have finished their secondary education at least.


Some courses may have specific grade requirements. As places at NTU are very popular, the application process can be very competitive. Those with the highest grades will have the best chance of being accepted.


Postgraduate courses will generally ask that the student has completed an undergraduate degree. Students may need to show proof of work experience or a portfolio and be interviewed before they’re offered a place.


English Score Required

To study at NTU, students must get a minimum TOEFL score equivalent to or more than:


  • 600 for the paper-based test
  • 250 for the computer-based test
  • 100 for the internet-based test
  • Minimum IELTS score must be equivalent to or more than 6.5



Students need to apply for NTU’s courses online. There are different requirements for each course, but they must have finished their secondary education before applying for any. Students should check what their course asks for first or speak to the admissions team.


Once a student has chosen their course, and worked out if they can apply, they need to complete an application form and pay the SGD 25 international application fee. NTU will ask for documents to support the application, such as school transcripts.


Students will find out if they have a place on their chosen course through the application portal. They can accept the offer and will be sent all the information they need shortly afterwards.


Postgraduate students should also apply online. Depending on the course they choose, they may need to show that they have completed a bachelor’s degree, work experience or a portfolio. If they’re applying for a research course, students might also be asked to show their research proposal and any publications.


Scholarships & funding

NTU wants to make sure students can get a great education, even if they don’t have much money. There are a number of financial assistance programmes, particular for international students, to help with the cost of studying in Singapore.


Lots of students can also apply for scholarships at NTU. Some are offered to international students only, while others are only for those studying certain subjects. Scholarships can be hard to secure and are often for those who do brilliant things during their time at NTU.


Here are just some of the options students can apply for:



The Nanyang Technological University Scholarship 2022-2023 is a fully funded scholarship for undergraduate international students. This scholarship helps with the cost of tuition, and gives students a living allowance of SGD 6,500, an accommodation allowance of up to SGD 2,000, a travel grant of SGD 5,000 and a computer allowance of SGD 1,750.


University structure

Nanyang Technological University has 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students who study at its eight colleges.


Nanyang Business School

Nanyang Business School (NBS) nurtures leaders from around the world by employing innovative teaching with real-world business practice. The school offers one of the world’s top 50 MBA programmes and three-year direct Honours degree programmes in Accountancy and Business.


College of Engineering

NTU's College of Engineering has six schools focusing on different areas of technology and innovation. It teaches students to solve real-world problems and find future-ready solutions that make the world a better place.



College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences is home to one of the top journalism and media schools in Asia. It also has Singapore's first professional art school, offering degree courses in art, design and interactive digital media.



College of Science 

Students can study subjects like biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, and physics at the College of Science.



Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine works with Imperial College London. It trains doctors and other medical professionals, who leave with a strong understanding of medicine and skills in supporting subjects like engineering and technology.


Graduate College

Graduate College is where postgraduate course are taught. There’s a strong focus on creating excellent researchers and educators in lots of different sectors.


National Institute of Education


The National Institute of Education is Singapore's only teacher-training institute and it is internationally acclaimed.


Rajaratnam School of International Studies

The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies is an independent graduate organization at NTU. It has departments such as the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, which is home to some of the world’s best experts on subjects like stopping terrorism. 



There are plenty of places to study and enjoy free time at NTU Singapore, including libraries, cafés, sports centres, and gardens.


NTU Library provides access to information, knowledge and library services which support the learning, teaching and research needs of the NTU community. There are seven libraries managed by the Office of Information, Knowledge, and Library Services (OIKLS), which are free for students to use.


Student leaders from across the university represent different communities' interests through the Student Library Council (SLC).


Art & Culture

NTU’s campus is beautiful, with gardens, art inside and outside and modern buildings.  It has been ranked as one of the world’s top 15 most beautiful campuses. Students can explore the Campus Art Trail, which runs from the main campus to NTU’s Novena campus.


NTU’s Art & Heritage Museum hosts lots of different exhibitions that celebrate life in Singapore. Currently, the space has more than 200 pieces of art on display. Its teamwork with different schools and experts to support research, exhibitions, and programmes that bring different subjects together.


Student Life

Students at NTU can explore new interests, connect with peers and be part of a vibrant, cosmopolitan community on the NTU Smart Campus.


NTU believes that learning continues beyond the four walls of the classroom, lecture theatre, and laboratory and there are many opportunities to engage in activities that will help students develop. Whether students choose to volunteer for a cause, pick up a new hobby or take on a leadership role, there is something for everyone at NTU. 


For students living on campus, NTU’s unique Residential Education offers a wealth of experiential learning activities that give students hands-on experience right on campus. NTU has many support services, from counselling and peer help to academic mentoring and tutoring, to give student extra help whenever they need it.


Catering Facilities

At NTU, there are 13 canteens that serve an international menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also cafes, international fast-food outlets like McDonalds and KFC, and restaurants. The campus has plenty of places to buy a snack, coffee or meal as students study or catch up with friends. If they’re in a rush, there are even vending machines that serve hot food and drinks.



NTU has plenty of accommodation on campus for undergraduate students. There are also temporary guest rooms at the Nanyang Executive Centre, where corporate training, retreats and private events are hosted. There’s lots of information on how to apply for housing, application deadlines, and fees on the NTU website.


There is plenty of postgraduate accommodation on offer at NTU as well. Graduate Halls 1 and 2 are available for postgraduate students who’d like to stay on campus. As NTU is a popular place to study, accommodation can’t be guaranteed for all students. Graduate students on research programmes, who aren’t from Singapore, will be given priority.


 Student support

​Students who need extra support during their studies can speak to the NTU wellbeing team. There are counsellors on-site and other care and support services. To keep all students well, there are also talks and training to help everyone spot the signs that someone around them is struggling.


NTU works with teaching staff to help support those with disabilities and additional needs. The university believes everyone should be given equal opportunities to achieve their academic best. Examples of learning assistance and support are:


  • Examination arrangements
  • Learning support
  • Assistive technology
  • Academic Assessment Accommodation


For programmes that include tests and examinations as a form of assessment, students can ask for:


  • Access to laptop and printer services for students with writing difficulties
  • Additional writing time
  • Questions papers with larger font size and paper size
  • Separate room for tests and examinations
  • Written examination announcements for students with hearing difficulties


There are other daily support services available, including:


  • ​Note-taking services for students who can’t do it alone during lectures and tutorials
  • Video transcription for online lectures that don’t have closed captions
  • Sign language interpretation for classroom activities
  • Braille / tactile versions of texts and diagrams
  • Assistive Technology


Students who are eligible for the SEN Fund can apply for funding to help them buy the technology they need. 


Graduate outcomes

The NTU alumni community has more 275,000 graduates from over 150 countries. Many have achieved great things in their careers, including producing ground-breaking research and starting businesses that offer innovative products and services. 


Many of the alumni work with the university after they graduate. Some volunteer their time to help students with their studies, organise events, serve on the Alumni Council and help the university stay in touch with other alumni associations. They have also supported NTU's programmes and research.


NTU has a high rate of graduate employment and offers continuing education and training (CET) to students who have graduated. Even after their career has started, they can access online learning resources and work with NTU’s industry partners to learn new skills for their job.


The NTU Career & Attachment Office (CAO) offers lots of services to help students achieve their dreams. They include personalised career coaching, industry-specific consultations, skills workshops, and career experience programmes.


CAO also has connections to over 3,500 global and local organisations, so it helps students find internships and jobs.  Every year, about 5,000 students take part in local and international internship programmes.



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image Anonymous, Singapore

Overhyped course and school

When sending an enquiry/request to the school, emails and calls will be transferred from one person to another without getting them addressed. The business course is overhyped and after three years there, I felt that I do not get the kind of knowledge that is relevant to the specialized industry. The on read full review

When sending an enquiry/request to the school, emails and calls will be transferred from one person to another without getting them addressed. The business course is overhyped and after three years there, I felt that I do not get the kind of knowledge that is relevant to the specialized industry. The only good thing about this school is probably their perceived good brand name, in Singapore. show less

image Anonymous, Vietnam

world class education with well-structured courses and dedicated Professor

NTU is a good choice for those who wish to pursue engineering courses at reasonably affordable tuition fees added with great financial assistance schemes available for international students.

NTU is a good choice for those who wish to pursue engineering courses at reasonably affordable tuition fees added with great financial assistance schemes available for international students.

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