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Republic Polytechnic

Singapore Singapore

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Republic Polytechnic (RP) is an educational institution in Northern Singapore where students learn practical, professionally valuable skills from experienced, caring tutors and lecturers. RP offers a range of interesting programmes across seven schools, and students can choose to study one of 36 different full-time diploma courses. Subject areas range from biomedical science to arts and theatre management.


RP was founded in 2002, but the university has grown a lot in the last couple of decades, developing a strong reputation in and outside of Singapore for its teaching methods and standards, as well as its important, high-quality research efforts. All RP research aims to support student learning outcomes, support staff development, and improve the world.


There are some great student facilities at RP, including lecture theatres, teaching rooms, learning pods for quiet study, and on-campus dining options (food courts, cafés, and sandwich shops). There’s even a full sports centre on campus, complete with a badminton hall, martial arts rooms, and a swimming complex. Any student can stay fit, healthy and active at RP, no matter what their interests/preferred sports are. There’s that much choice.


There’s also a lot of support available to students, both domestic and international. Students have a dedicated mentor during their time at the university who gives them a lot of help, but they can also access more resources easily through RP, including confidential counselling services and career coaching services. International students can get help from the university from when they apply until they leave, especially with complex processes like immigration.


For any international student dreaming of student life in the warm, beautiful and nature-connected city of Singapore, Republic Polytechnic is one of the best choices. And for international students who want to develop their vocational skills and become as employable as possible after graduation? Republic Polytechnic is, again, very hard to beat.


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Teaching Quality

RP offers every student an excellent standard of teaching quality and is proud to provide learner-centred, question-based teaching. Since 2002, the university has promoted problem-based learning as one of its most important teaching methods. Also known as PBL, this method creates the following in students:


  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Self-directed learning skills
  • Effective collaboration skills


PBL has gained a lot of respect as a method. In fact, RP now offers training programmes and consultancy services to outside organisations that are looking to make this strategy a part of their learning and development solutions. RP also focuses on other learning strategies like interactivity, project-based learning and cognitive apprenticeship to give students high-quality teaching in every single course.


At RP, it’s all about learning by doing. Students receive a holistic, quality teaching experience that prepares them well for the workplace and turns graduates into confident alumni. So many people who went to RP go on to become leaders in their chosen industries.


Staff members also learn by doing. RP has completed/is currently working on some important research projects across a range of different areas, from facilitation to curriculum design, and they’re all designed to improve the student experience and raise the teaching standard even more.


RP also makes every student feel important and valuable, which helps to grow their confidence. The student-to-teacher ratio is just six to one, so every student gets the attention they deserve in the classroom, and no student ever needs to feel ignored or unheard on campus (a common complaint for universities with student-to-teacher ratios above about 15 to one).


Entry Requirements

Most education institutions have some general university entry requirements, and RP is no different. There are some university requirements that apply to all applicants, and there are also some course-specific entry requirements that students should make sure to research fully before submitting an admission application.


All RP applicants will need to have reached the right standard of previous education/be on track to reach this standard by the time their course start date arrives. Students in the last year of secondary education who haven’t yet sat their exams, for example, are fine to apply if they later offer academic results and certificates to confirm predicted grades/qualifications.


RP has a minimum aggregate computation result of Net ELR2B2 (it will be different for some courses, but it is usually this). International applicants will need to work out if their equivalent educational experiences equal this result. If they need to reach out to the university for support with this, they can.


Some courses may require additional medical check-ups or specific tests as entry requirements, like outdoor and adventure learning, hotel and hospitality management, media production and design, and sonic arts. As mentioned, students are encouraged to research their chosen courses fully to make sure they meet general requirements and course-specific needs.


English Score Required

Students who don’t speak English fluently and can’t otherwise prove their proficiency must complete an English test and get a minimum score to be considered for admission at RP. The aggregate computation result listed above includes English language ability, but other qualifications and tests are accepted as evidence, too.


According to the university’s website, applicants with international qualifications not taught in or inclusive of English need to submit a valid International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) result. The minimum overall IELTS band score required for admission is 6, and the minimum TOEFL online score required is 78. Educational frameworks that would be considered proof of proficiency include:


  • The International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • The IGCSE (English as a first language)
  • Malaysian qualifications (UEC/SPM)
  • Brunei qualifications (GCE Ordinary Levels)
  • High school diplomas from the USA/UK/Australia/New Zealand/Canada



There are three ways to apply to RP: early admission, joint admission, or direction admission. Early admission is, of course, an early application. Joint admission means applying to multiple institutions at once. And direct admission is the usual route. RP lists clear student admission instructions on the website for applicants to follow without confusion.


Applications must be made online through the EAE Application Portal. During the application, students will need to note up to three courses that they’re interested in studying. The order of course choices matters and each course choice should be well-thought-out. Students will only receive a single course offer from RP, so they should be sure their preferred choice is listed first.


Also during the application, a 600-character explanation of the course choice will be requested, along with a 1,000-character description of the applicant’s talents and/or achievements to date. Students will also enter their personal details and share any requested supporting documents (like academic transcripts).


Once an application has been submitted, applicants may be shortlisted for an interview or they may not need one to be given an offer. Application decisions from RP will be released online through the EAE Application Portal in September. To confirm a conditional offer, students must fulfil all of the admissions criteria. A common condition, for example, would be the completion of secondary school for students who applied when they were still in their final year of study.


If an application is successful, the student should confirm their place as soon as possible. A lack of response could be considered a rejection by RP. If a student changes their mind after accepting an offer, they will need to submit a withdrawal by the middle of October.


Scholarships & Funding

For students looking for support with funding their studies at RP, tuition grants are awarded by the Ministry of Education (MOE). These grants help students to manage the costs of full-time tertiary study in Singapore up to a maximum of ten semesters. If a student decides this is the best option for covering their fees, they will need to sign an agreement. This agreement will commit them to working in Singapore for at least three years after graduation. Students who are interested should:


  • Read the cover letter from MOE and get to know all the terms and conditions
  • Submit their tuition grant option form online via the enrolment portal
  • Apply for their grant via the MOE tuition grant website
  • Sign the tuition grant agreement to confirm their commitment


Students can also access the Edusave Awards if they have achieved excellence (in academic and non-academic areas). Plus, some university scholarships are available to international students at RP, including the RP Freshman Scholarship, the PFP Scholarship and the Higher Year Scholarship.


Scholarships can be a great way to get some money off tuition without committing to a deal like the above MOE grant. Though many scholarships won’t be a full tuition fee waiver and students will still face some costs, they can significantly reduce the amount a student has to pay.


University Structure

At RP, there are many different courses available to study. For full-time diplomas, there are nearly 50 different options, from aerospace engineering to arts and theatre management. The full-time diplomas at this institution are divided into seven core schools of study:


  • The School of Applied Science (containing six full-time diploma options from applied chemistry to pharmaceutical science)
  • The School of Engineering (containing nine full-time diploma options from aviation management to electrical and electronic engineering)
  • The School of Hospitality (containing six full-time diploma options from tourism management with technology to restaurant and culinary operations)
  • The School of Infocomm (containing six full-time diploma options from business information systems to financial technology)
  • The School of Management and Communication (containing six full-time diploma options from consumer behaviour and research to mass communication)
  • The School of Sports, Health and Leisure (containing six full-time diploma options from health services management to sport and exercise science)
  • The School of Technology for the Arts (containing six full-time diploma options from design for games and gamification to sonic arts)


There are also lots of part-time diplomas, specialist diplomas, pathway programmes, professional certificates, skills courses, and short courses offered at RP. Overall, there are 13,000 students enrolled at this institution, studying on a well-structured and organised campus across 49 acres of land.



The facilities available at RP are endless, promising students an excellent experience from the lecture theatre to the extracurricular student activity centre. While studying and achieving good grades should be important things to a student when they’re at a higher education institution, they should also have time to relax and enjoy their student life. RP understands this.


There are three food courts on campus, as well as cafés, a Subway and a Sushi Tea. There’s also an excellent student recreation centre for sports, which is proudly known as the Home of the Republic. It’s built to international standards set by sporting bodies, so students are able to enjoy and use high-quality facilities like the ones that professional athletes have access to. In the Home of the Republic, students can enjoy:


  • A competition hall
  • A badminton and table tennis hall
  • A multi-purpose hall
  • Several tennis courts and other outdoor courts
  • A football/rugby field
  • A swimming complex
  • A martial arts room


More facilities on campus that improve student life include The Agora, The Lawn, and The Learning Pods (perfect for group and independent study). One of the most popular student life centres is The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC). TRCC is a cultural landmark, and a place where students can enjoy amazing theatre and music performances. TRCC even hosts arts events and festivals!



After an international student receives an offer from RP, they’re encouraged to start their accommodation search as soon as possible. The university offers limited student accommodation, and places are competitive, but even if students can’t get official university accommodation, RP will still offer them a lot of advice about finding the right student house or apartment.


International students can apply for RP accommodation at Campus Heights. This is a convenient, safe and beautiful place to live. Each Campus Heights apartment has room for up to six people. The apartments come fully furnished, including sofas, TVs, fridges, dining sets, washing machines, microwaves and stoves. Campus Heights apartments also have free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.


In terms of non-university accommodation, there are lots of different options, but it can take some time and research to find the right one. There are many online websites advertising private rentals open to students in the area, and the cost can vary a lot depending on the location, housing type, home size, and the number of people sharing the property.


Students should start thinking about their accommodation as soon as possible, whether they plan to apply for the university option or not. The further in advance that a student can sort out their housing  (especially an international student) the less stress they will create for themselves at a later date.


Student Support

Along with its great education standards, accommodation options and facilities, RP provides students with some high-quality student support services. Every RP student can feel happy, healthy and heard. There are four core student support options covered by the full student support programme at RP:


  • Counselling
  • Mentoring
  • Insurance
  • Special education needs


Counselling gives students the chance to express their thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting. Whether their issues are academic, personal, or emotional, it helps a lot to be listened to and advised by an experienced student guide. All students will be assigned an RP staff mentor for academic help. These mentors will give students encouragement and guidance during all the years they’re studying at the institution.


In terms of insurance, all full-time and part-time RP students are insured by Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance. This covers medical expenses due to bodily injury caused directly and entirely by an accident. In terms of special education needs, RP students who need extra help can always turn to the Special Education Needs Unit for academic support arrangements, accessibility accommodations and extra technology/service requests.


Other student services offered to everyone enrolled at RP include a shuttle bus service on weekday mornings for students living in the east and northeast parts of Singapore and IT-enhanced learning options. The LEO 2.0 Learning Management System is accessible via laptops and mobile devices anywhere and anytime, so students can study anywhere and still have all they need to get things done.


Graduate Outcomes

RP sets students up for success, not just academically but professionally. It sees itself as a stepping stone for graduates to move onto bigger and better things rather than a final destination, and it doesn’t just deliver theoretical knowledge without practical skills. This is why job prospects are so strong for the well-prepared, focused graduates of RP and why there are so many different career options open to them. RP is proud to produce students who tick off the ‘four Ps’:


  • They are professional
  • They are problem solvers
  • They are passionate
  • They aim to make a positive impact wherever they go


According to the most recent Graduate Employment Survey (GES), jointly conducted by five polytechnics in 2021, the overall employment rate six months after graduation is an amazing 92.2 per cent. And, for graduates in full-time employment, the overall median gross monthly salary was SGD 3,525, an increase from SGD 3,384 in 2020.


In the classroom, students are prepared for professional life. But even beyond the classroom, RP offers a lot of great employment services to help students develop new skills and improve their employability. These career services include:


  • Education and career guidance
  • Internships and work placements
  • Further studies
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Life skills workshops and courses
  • Entrepreneurship advice and support
  • Cultural festivals


One example of an amazing work placement option is the SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme. These 12 to 18-month work-study programmes give students a professional head start, offering a combination of on-the-job training and academic learning.


There’s no doubt that graduates from RP will have endless career options. Lots of RP alumni have gone on to further study or professional success and have said that this institution opened the doors to success for them. For potential future students who are searching for a course that will offer them new skills, career guides and opportunities, RP is ideal. Especially if those potential students have always loved the idea of studying in beautiful, opportunity-filled Singapore.




*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.

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image Anonymous, Vietnam 4

Compatible in customer service through 2 years of hospitality experience.

Republic polytechnic is an innovative environment which provide various choices of interest. With daily presentation, student will be able to sharpen their public speaking skills and boosting of confidence. By changing classmates and teammates regularly, students could adapt working with different types read full review

Republic polytechnic is an innovative environment which provide various choices of interest. With daily presentation, student will be able to sharpen their public speaking skills and boosting of confidence. By changing classmates and teammates regularly, students could adapt working with different types of people and hence, giving them a better experience from real life. show less

image xing fen, Singapore 4

worthwile journey

Republic polytechnic is a great learning hub for us. There are a lot of open spaces where can we can study and enjoy our learning process. The environment her is fun filled so it is a pretty good experience for me.

Republic polytechnic is a great learning hub for us. There are a lot of open spaces where can we can study and enjoy our learning process. The environment her is fun filled so it is a pretty good experience for me.

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