• 16 APR 2021

    Students express unhappiness at Canadian visa processing

    Students have expressed frustration and disappointment at the delays experienced in the processing of Canadian student visas. The delays have been attributed to the disruption caused by the pandemic in combination with the necessity for higher learning institutions to have a government-approved Covid-19 plan and endorsement before being allowed to accept students. 

  • 15 APR 2021

    U.S. universities lobby government 

    A number of universities in the U.S. have written to the U.S. government requesting that the application for and processing of F-1 student visas becomes a priority. The institutions also underlined their hope that in-person interviews for the visa may be waived or allowed to take place online.

  • 10 APR 2021

    Australian state government considers quarantine programme

    The state government of New South Wales in Australia is considering a separate Covid-19 quarantine system for international students. This new system would be in addition to the current rules that willow for 3,000 people to enter the country each week, prior to quarantining in hotels.

  • 09 APR 2021

    QS survey reveals student perspective on vaccination

    A recent report by QS has revealed that 50 per cent of international students are in favour of vaccinations being required prior to being allowed to travel to study abroad. The survey was taken by over 2,500 students from 153 countries and saw 65 per cent of students saying they were open to having a vaccine.

  • 08 APR 2021

    The UK commits funding to science and technology

    The UK government has committed to a GBP 250 million investment in scientific and technological research, which will also help international students. The move comes after Universities UK had highlighted the potential cut in funding as a risk to the UK’s ability to produce pioneering and innovative breakthroughs, as well as participate in collaborative research.

  • 07 APR 2021

    Calls for international student support in Canada

    A recent report by the Royal Society of Canada has recommended that the Canadian government provide the necessary support to international students who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes assistance with immigration issues, visa processing and mental health support.