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International student News from USA

The latest news from USA and tips for prospective & current international students, keeping you informed on your education journey

Top Stories


  • 12 JUN 2022

    Lack of funding impacts exchange programmes in the US

    The association of international educators (NAFSA) has suggested that a lack of funding in the US education sector towards exchange programmes has led to a drop in the number of students on these programmes. It's predicted that this decline will continue without further investment
  • 22 MAY 2022

    The cost of studying at university in the US could increase

    Universities and colleges across the US are increasing their tuition fees to help fight inflation. This means the cost of studying in the country may increase for both domestic and international students.
  • 20 APR 2022

    University of the People to offer scholarships and free courses to Ukrainians

    A university in the US is to offer free courses and scholarships to Ukrainian students. This will allow many students to continue their education.
  • 07 APR 2022

    US universities to introduce a COVID-19 booster mandate for students

    Universities across the US are introducing measures that state students must have a COVID-19 booster unless medically exempt. 
  • 23 MAR 2022

    Report finds working in the USA is a priority for many international students there

    A recent report has looked into what international students studying in the USA have planned after graduation. A large percentage of them stated that working in the US was a priority.
  • 10 FEB 2022

    University in New York offers course on singer Taylor Swift

    The course will look into her time as a musician as well as her impact on a constantly changing music industry. NYU, which has many courses specialising in music, is accepting applications for this course now.

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