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  • 22 JAN 2021

    New unit set up in U.S. to monitor OPT

    The U.S. government via the Department of Homeland Security has indicated that a new unit will be created in order to ensure the compliance of employers with the Optional Practical Training programme. The OPT gives STEM students the opportunity to work for an additional 12 months in a related field to their study.

  • 14 JAN 2021

    OPT delays cause distress among US international students 

    Optional Practical Training processing has faced delays due to the impact of Covid-19. This is causing panic among some international students who fear this could affect their right to stay and lead to a loss of employment opportunities.

  • 17 DEC 2020

    Educators advocate for removal of dual intent rule for US visas

    Currently, students entering the USA must prove their intent to return home after their studies. However, NAFSA, the association of international educators, is calling for congress to allow foreign F1 visa holders to express dual intent when entering the US, such as wishing to remain after graduation.

  • 11 DEC 2020

    H-1B U.S. visa proposals rejected

    A court ruling in the U.S. has vetoed the proposed changes by the current government administration to limit the number of H-1B visas issued to skilled workers. The government had proposed stricter legislation in October that would have limited companies' abilities to employ skilled graduates.

  • 24 NOV 2020

    International students frustrated by lack of US visa appointments 

    International students with plans to study in the US are reporting issues with obtaining their visas from their local US embassies. However, the State Department has said that student visas are a "high priority" within their phased resumption of visa processing services amidst Covid-19. 

  • 14 NOV 2020

    U.S. education organisations challenge proposed visa changes

    A proposed move by the current U.S. government administration to alter the criteria of the H1-B visa for skilled workers has been criticised by educational organisations and universities alike. The proposed changes would make eligibility significantly more difficult which would negatively influence prospects for international students.