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  • 03 APR 2021

    U.S. university internationalisation award winners announced

    NAFSA, which focuses on the development of international education in the U.S., has acknowledged a number of U.S. institutions for their efforts to internationalise their educational and campus offering. Two of the winners for comprehensive internationalisation were The University of Texas at Austin and Florida International University. 

  • 02 APR 2021

    U.S. university requires students to be vaccinated 

    Rutgers University in the USA has become the first university in the country to require students to provide evidence of vaccination prior to enrolment at the institution and a return to campus in the autumn of 2021.

  • 31 MAR 2021

    International students look to the USA

    U.S. institutions with globally-renowned reputations and prestigious ratings have seen an increase in international student applications for the 2021/22 academic year. A recent report by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency showed that students appear to favour U.S. institutions that are higher on university ranking lists like QS and Times Higher Education.

  • 19 MAR 2021

    Chinese students face US visa delays

    Chinese students aiming to study in the U.S. for the 2021 academic year have reported delays in the application for and processing of F-1 student visas. One of the primary reasons for the delay appears to be the reduction and closure of visa services during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • 10 MAR 2021

    New US immigration bill to benefit international students

    Provisions have been made for international students in a new immigratin bill proposed by the U.S. government. Notably this includes “dual intent” for F-1 visa holders which had not been included before and will allow STEM PhD graduates to stay in the USA after graduation.

  • 04 MAR 2021

    IDP Connect survey reveals student sentiment

    A recent survey of over 800 international students by IDP Connect has revealed that student perception of studying in the U.S. has altered since the election of November 2020. 76% of students felt more positive about the prospect, and 67% indicated they would be more likely to choose the U.S. as a study destination.