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Kristina K

Kristina K




MA in International Journalism


An aspiring journalist with a passion for investigative journalistic work. Also a self-declared masterchef.

For learning disabled students who want to go to college

For learning disabled students who want to go to college

College admissions officers and learning disability counsellors say that learning disabled students interesting in college should follow these steps…   Start preparing early Many students and parents think struggling students should be shifted to easier classes. Avoid the temptation to retreat to lower track classes. College courses are hard so students should already start developing better time management and study strategies while they are

Places to visit with a weak Ringgit

Places to visit with a weak Ringgit

Fret not! Although the Malaysian currency has dropped to its lowest level in nine years, students can still plan their holidays abroad. There’s no need to ditch those long-awaited holiday plans. Here’s where you can go… Budapest, Hungary It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is definitely a place that all Malaysians will fall in love with because they too love their food. There are so many restaurants and cafes in the bustling town –

How to score in your STPM – tips from a top student

How to score in your STPM – tips from a top student

You’d like to know how the top STPM scorers do it. What’s their secret? So here’s what a top 4.0 STPM student has to say.   Rule 1: Don’t procrastinate How is that a tip you say? Everyone knows that. Well, everyone does and yet no one practices it religiously. It’s essential to make early preparations. Start revising at least a month before your exams. You might be tempted to put it off because you’ve got a certain number of days still, but,

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