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How to score in your STPM – tips from a top student

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You’d like to know how the top STPM scorers do it. What’s their secret? So here’s what a top 4.0 STPM student has to say.


Rule 1: Don’t procrastinate

How is that a tip you say? Everyone knows that. Well, everyone does and yet no one practices it religiously. It’s essential to make early preparations. Start revising at least a month before your exams. You might be tempted to put it off because you’ve got a certain number of days still, but, time flies and before you know it, it’s the day of your exam! However, when it’s close to exams and the pressure is on, you should be way ahead of the pack so that you don’t burn the midnight oil.


Rule 2: Have a schedule

This will help to discipline you. Make a schedule of when and what to study and how long will it take you to cover all chapters. That way, you can also factor in time to practice exam papers.


Rule 3: Sit for every exam like it’s the real thing

Whether they’re monthly tests, pop quizzes, trial exams – you’ll have to take them seriously. They’ll prepare you to revise so that you don’t end up doing it at the last minute. This is also a good opportunity to understand the type of questions you’ll face.


Rule 4: Study everything

It’s good to spot questions, but to be on the safe side, you should study everything. The difference between getting an A and a B is the willingness and commitment to do what others don’t do.


Rule 5: Strike a healthy balance

To do well in your STPM, you don’t need to end up becoming a hermit. You don’t have to totally forgo your social life or stop hanging out with your friends. Even if the exams are nearing, spend your time watching TV, wind down to some of your favourite music or even exercise. These will help relief stress and you’ll be more motivated to study after that.


Rule 6: Study smart

Do not memorise. Link information together and make them relevant to you. Make up stories, write short notes and tell yourself that you’re studying for knowledge, not because you have to. When you love what you’re reading, studying doesn’t become a chore.


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