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Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott




BA English and Humanities


Jessica Scott is a University of Louisville graduate with a degree in English and Humanities, specialising in literature, linguistics, and classical and modern languages. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where she has been writing since the age of three. Her first novel, Chase and Charlie, was published in May 2015. Her interests include reading, writing, cooking, and studying Italian.

Applying to a UK university as an American student

Applying to a UK university as an American student

The UK is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world and is an ever-popular destination for international students. Because of this, UK universities offer a diverse student body and culturally enriching experience. Our breakdown of what is required should help you to further understand the process as an American student applying to the UK higher education system. For most undergraduate courses , you must apply through the

Studying modern languages in the UK as an American student

Studying modern languages in the UK as an American student

Have you ever felt the desire to go to Italy and be able to converse with la gente with ease? Have you ever wanted to visit France and discuss l’amour with the locals? Or have you just always wanted to study modern language at the university level so that you can speak and understand foreign languages with ease, and with focus on their cultural and linguistic contributions?   No matter what reason you have for doing it, studying modern language

5 study abroad tips you can’t ignore

5 study abroad tips you can’t ignore

You did it! You’ve received your student visa, you’ve enrolled in your chosen university, you’ve gotten the scholarship you applied for, and now you’re off on your study abroad adventure. You can’t wait to experience the rich and exciting culture of the country you’ve chosen to stay in, and you are counting the minutes until your very first class.   School though, even school you are attending as a study abroad student, is always that: school. As much

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