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The basics
Australia: Applying to University

American students applying to an Australian university

Practical advice for American students applying to study in Australia

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Have you ever considered studying abroad? If so, you couldn’t pick a warmer, more welcoming place than Australia! While you’re there, you could check out the Great Barrier Reef, sample the friendly, laid-back culture that makes the country famous and make the most of top quality Australian higher education institutions.



What are the requirements?


Australia has many different study abroad programs available at many of their universities. Each has a different set of entry requirements, but they are all similar to the requirements you would find here in America. For example, the AIFS Study Abroad Program for Perth, Australia features a study abroad program at Murdoch University. Their entry requirements include (but are not limited to) fluency in the English language, a minimum 2.5 GPA, and tuition fees, which cover everything from room and board to classes and meals. These tuition fees are around $16,000 USD per semester, but you can save $1000 by staying there for an entire academic year.


Monash University in Melbourne, on the other hand, has a GPA requirement of 3.0, and no firm language requirement (although since English is the main language spoken in Australia, it is important that you speak and understand it well enough to get by). Their tuition cost is around $23,000 per semester, but there are many scholarships available.


No matter which university you choose to attend, though, you will have to obtain an Australian student visa in order to study abroad. You will also need your transcripts from your current or former school, and in many cases, you must be a college sophomore, junior, or senior to apply for a study abroad program.


How do I apply?


As with most American universities these days, most Australian universities utilize an online application. These applications can be found on the websites of your prospective university, and many require an application fee.


The Murdoch University study abroad program requires a $95 application fee, as well as a down payment on your tuition at the time of application. You can apply via their website or by mail.


At many other universities, including Monash, you can also apply online or via paper application, but in this case the submission of a paper application comes with an extra $50 processing fee.


Bear in mind, however, that there are many different Australian universities to choose from, so do your research and find the one that best fits you! Use our Australian university search tool to find the perfect university and course for you.


When is the best time to apply?


Most universities in Australia begin the academic year in late February or March. The deadlines for applying to an Australian university vary, but in most cases, applications for the March start date must be received by October or November of the previous year and applications for the later start dates must be received around March of the same year. Again, do your research to make sure you know the exact date that your own personal application is due!


Is there anything else I need to know before applying?


As with any study abroad program, the key to getting your application in correctly and on time is research. Make sure that you thoroughly understand all of the application and entry requirements for your chosen school, as well as all of the important dates and deadlines. You wouldn’t want to have to wait another year to apply because you made a mistake this year!


Also, give yourself ample time to complete the application, apply for scholarships, etc. It is never a good idea to wait until the last minute!


If you are interested in studying at an Australian university, you should also make sure that you get an Australian student visa.


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