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Australia: Destination Guides - Must read

Top five places to visit in Australia

Whether you’re considering studying in Australia or just planning a trip there, it has so much to offer. We take a look at the top five locations to visit.

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Australia attracts visitors from all over the world for a number of different reasons. From those looking to tour the country on a trip to those wanting to study abroad there, it has so much to offer.


No matter what your reasons for visiting Australia, there are certain places that should certainly make your “must-visit” list. Here are just five of examples of places to visit when ‘down under’ (another way to refer to Australia).


Gold Coast


Foreground aqua blue wave rolling towards Gold Coast city view on the shore


Sitting on the east coast of Australia, you will find the Gold Coast, where a modern city meets stunning coastline and crystal blue waters. The city has so much to give both tourists and international students.


Walk along Surfer’s Paradise, one of the country’s most popular beaches, or visit Bond University, the city's top institution where almost half of the student population are international students.  For those who like to experience a city’s nightlife you might be interested to know that the Gold Coast is often described as a “nocturnal” city, as it’s well known for its vibrant nightlife.


This part of Australia is ideal for those looking for balance. This exciting city can often feel like a small town in many ways and is in an ideal location depending on what ylike. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit busier for a few days? If so, a short trip north will take you to Australia’s biggest city, Brisbane. Maybe you’re looking for something a little quieter and more relaxed, just a short journey south and you’ll be on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.


The Gold Coast has something for you to do or see at all hours of the day or night. A short time there will make you realise just why so many visitors and students studying abroad decide to stay.



Great Barrier Reef


Sea turtle swimming at the bottom of a clear blue sea.


This is less a specific location or city and more of a general area but it’s one of the most naturally beautiful in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and is made up of almost 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands.


Situated on the northern half of Australia’s east coast, the area attracts people from all over the world as there is truly no other place like it. Whether you make a stop there during your time at nearby universities like James Cook University or on a tour of the country, it’s certainly worth adding to your list of must-see locations.




Birds eye view of Sydney harbour


Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities and certainly one of its most famous. This coastal city has so much to offer those who want to visit and those who would like to live there. International students will feel right at home here, as over 40 per cent of residents were born overseas.


The city has one of the best universities in the country, the University of Sydney, which reflects the diversity of the city that surrounds it. With one in five students being international, you certainly won’t be alone.


There really is so much to do here, from visiting the world-famous landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Sydney Opera House, to exploring the natural locations that are just a short trip from the city centre.


Sydney has also been labelled as a great food city by a number of popular travel sites. Due to the mix of people and culture there, you can find incredible places to eat every day and never be bored.




Birds eye view of Tasmania landscape


One of the many rural and naturally beautiful areas of Australia is the island state of Tasmania. Though the island may appear small compared to mainland Australia, Tasmania is still relatively big. It’s almost half the size of the UK and has over half a million residents.


Though so much of the island is rural, the bustling city of Hobart and the University of Tasmania can be found there. Much like many other places in Australia, Tasmania has managed to perfectly balance modern life within a very wild landscape.


Whether it’s exploring the northern city of Launceston or visiting the natural wonder that is Mount Wellington in the south, there really is something for everyone.




View of skyscrapers in Melbourne with bridge and river in the foreground


On the south coast, in the very green state of Victoria, you can find the city of Melbourne. This city is the third largest and second most populous city in the whole country and has so much to offer those just visiting or who want to call it home.


Coffee lovers and foodies will be pleased to know that it’s known as the café capital of the country and has over 4,000 eateries across the city. With a range of museums, a thriving music scene and a great number of festivals there throughout the year, visitors will rarely be bored.


The city makes a perfect new home for international students too. With universities like The University of Melbourne, which is known for offering many great courses including its focus on the field of nursing.


Australia is a very popular country loved by many who visit and who call it home. Such a large country naturally has so many places you may want to visit. These locations, from the most urban to the most rural, are just a handful of places that you may love down under.


For those considering studying there, find out more about how to apply.











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