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Essentials: Top 5 things to do in Australia

What do you HAVE to do in Australia while studying there? Read our guide on the 5 things you must do while living down under...

Surfing in Australia - 5 things to do in Australia

Australia is known as being the ultimate destination for travellers looking for an extraordinary adventure. Exotic climate, enthralling wildlife, chilled lifestyle... Australia has everything! So what should be on your to-do list when you arrive for your studies? Here are 5 suggestions...


Hold something you’re scared of

Even if you consider yourself brave, Australia will have something which you’ve never encountered before. The country has some breath-taking (and skin-crawling) wildlife including species which you’ve only ever seen on TV shows and on the internet. Whether snakes, spiders, crocodiles or even something fluffier like a koala bear.... Australia is home to a lot of different species. There are several zoos, tours and walkabouts if you want to get closeup and personal. But if your interest in animals goes beyond selfies, you might be interested in taking a look at zoology courses in Australia.



Learn to surf

While you don’t have to be a pro, you should try it at least once. Australia is considered one of the ultimate global destinations for surfers, with gorgeous beaches and clear blue seas. Some of the most popular stretches of coastline include Bondi Beach in Sydney, Byron Bay on the east coast, Cottesloe Beach in Perth and Noosa Main Beach in Queensland to name just a few. Don’t worry too much about sharks, just take care and read any warnings or rules that are erected. Hopefully you’ll be stood up on the board after just a few attempts!



Visit a local brewery

You might think that Australians only drink Fosters beer because of all the very stereotypical TV ads which depict them enjoying it, but you’d be wrong. Fosters isn’t actually that popular in Australia itself – it’s just one of those brands which has gained popularity abroad and has become synonymous with Australia. Instead go to a brewery to really unearth the best home-grown ales which Australia has to offer; try the Little Creatures Brewery in Perth for a tour and tasting session.



Meanwhile Adelaide is known as the wine capital of Australia with plenty of vineyards to explore. You might also be surprised to find that cafe culture is big in cities like Melbourne. You’re sure to find high quality coffee in this city, keeping students fuelled all day long. The University of Melbourne for example has one of the most culturally diverse campuses in the country. Want to hear the student perspective on studying in Melbourne?


See the Penguin Parade

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Cute, right? See these tiny penguins arrive on the beach at sunset each day as they head to their burrows. The “Parade” takes place on Summerland Beach at the Nature Park on Phillip Island (just 90 mins away from Melbourne, which might surprise some who wouldn’t expect to see penguins in Australia of all places). Just remember to wear something warm as it can get chilly. Melbourne is known for having four seasons all in one day, so don’t expect hot weather all year round. If, like the penguins, you prefer the colder weather, you might want to consider studying in Tasmania. The University of Tasmania has a lot of quality courses on offer.



Learn to love the outdoors

If you’re someone who prefers to stay indoors, watching movies and playing video games, then you’ll have to learn to step out of your comfort zone while in Australia. The country has beautiful warm weather and scenic views which makes it the perfect setting for outdoor activities. For example, The Daintree Rainforest, Kimberley coast in the north, The Blue Mountains near Sydney and many, many national parks and golden beaches.



Australia is the perfect place to kick-start a new chapter of your life as it offers a totally unique experience for international students. You can take long walks or cycle around (the weather is ideal for it); take up new sports and hobbies like cricket, Australian Football or surfing. With so much to see and do, you’ll have a hard time fitting in your studies!


Now that you’re inspired to head down under, use our course matcher tool to find the right university and course. Then you can check out our guide on applying to university in Australia. Make sure you’re also up to date with the latest international student news updates


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