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Australia: Student Accommodation

Six top tips about student accommodation in Australia

Australian accommodation provider Bedssi give us their top tips about finding great student accommodation in Australia.

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Studying abroad can be daunting, there’s no denying it. From choosing a course, to choosing a country to study in or looking at visas, there is a lot that you need to do. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! We speak to experts from around the world to get their top tips about their local area.


This is why we have decided to link up with our friends at Australian student accommodation provider Bedssi to give you some pointers about student accommodation in their home country. Here goes: 


Finding the right student accommodation could be crucial to making a smooth transition into your new country, and a bad start could impact your life away from lectures. But it is not something to be scared of, you should be excited about all the different accommodation options on offer in Australia!


To help you on your way, we have taken the time out to put together our six top tips to help you find a great place to live whilst you are studying in Australia.

Find a provider that fits your lifestyle and budget

There are many types of rooms to choose from in Australia. As a student you will be able to choose between the following:


  • Homestay (live with a family),
  • Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA),
  • Rental Property (houses and apartments),
  • On-Campus Housing (university run student halls),
  • Residential Colleges,
  • Serviced Apartments,
  • Hostels.


Where you choose to live will all depend on your budget, the length of your stay (many Purpose Built Student Accommodation providers and Residential Colleges have a minimum length of stay) and type of room you are looking for. What are you looking for?


Manage your expectations and get informed

It’s likely that you have never been to Australia. This means that it’s likely you are not familiar with how things work (when to pay rent, when to check in, what needs to be signed, etc). The service you are receiving comes with rights and also responsibilities both legal and cultural. It is crucial that you learn all rental issues before committing to a place. Otherwise, the rental process could be hard as you’re not aware of the procedures related to renting a room, understanding and signing a lease, paying a bond/security deposit, placement fees, paying rent in advance and cleaning fees among others. Getting acquainted with all of these will help you manage expectations and avoid nasty surprises at the end.


Want more guidance on accommodation in Australia? Have a look at this.


Arrive before the start of your course

Once you start your degree, you will want to focus on your course. This is why it is important that you arrive a couple of weeks before the start date. This will allow you to get used to your new room, get to know the city, its suburbs, its public transport and make new friends. In this way, once you start classes you will feel at home and comfortable with your new surroundings.


Think about your initial length of stay

The type of accommodation you choose will have a big impact on the length of lease you sign. For example, most of the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) providers and On Campus Colleges require students to sign long term leases. However, not every student ends up living in these type of properties.


The suggested first stay for students that don’t stay at PBSA’s is of around eight weeks. This will provide you with enough flexibility for you to take an appropriate decision once those eight weeks are up.


If you like the room you will be able to contact the provider within the initial one-two weeks and extend your stay.


If you don’t like the room this will allow you enough time to search, inspect and find a new room once you arrive in the country, in peace and without stress. Remember that during the initial 2-4 weeks you are getting to know the place and are starting to feel comfortable within your new city. It’s not easy to make such an important decision when everything is new!


Learn how to identify illegal providers

The best way to ensure a great experience once you arrive to Australia, is to learn what your rights are as a tenant. Informing yourself will also help you avoid ending up with an illegal provider. The rule to remember is to always avoid over crowded places. Yes, you may save a few dollars every week, but you may put your wellbeing at risk and ruin all the effort and investment you’ve done in order to come and study in Australia.


Learn how to protect yourself against scams!

Beware of scams. Australia may be one of the safest countries in the world, but you must still be aware of scams that will ruin your experience of studying in Australia. Avoid booking a room in generic portals and sites from overseas (these portals are useful only once you are in Australia as you will be able to inspect and check the places out before making any payments).


Australian cities tend to be expensive, therefore always compare rental prices in nearby places.  If it’s too good to be true, avoid it. Learn how to identify accommodation scams and protect yourself


Has this got you excited about the prospect of studying in Australia? Start searching for universities now.

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