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Australia: Student Finances

3 Scholarships in Australia to start you off...

Our guide to three key scholarships for international students in Australia

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It may be far away, but Australia has the third highest proportion of international students in the world. With a strong academic record, stunning landscapes and five of the world’s best student cities, this is hardly a surprise. Unfortunately, tuition fees in Australia are quite steep, and a handful of Australian cities constantly rank amongst the world’s most expensive. However, thousands of international students still manage to finance their studies in Australia each year, so there’s hope for you yet. Let our breakdown of three key scholarship options for international students in Australia help get you started.


If you aren’t applicable for any of the scholarships listed, don’t worry: we’ve included plenty of links and tips to steer you in the right direction to find the funding option for you.


Funding Bodies

Australian Government

Each year, the Australian government provides over AUD 200 million in scholarships to international students. As well as state-specific awards, there are a number of national schemes that favour high-achieving students who have been accepted to study at an Australian institution. You can search for a scholarship from the Australian government on the Study in Australia website, or commandeer their handy scholarship search engine tool to search for alternate options that are granted externally.


Host University

Whilst larger universities typically have more options, almost all Australian universities offer some kind of funding to international students. Universities are aware of how expensive studying in Australia can be, and are well versed in helping international students enrol and complete their study programmes.


Your host university should always be your first port of call in searching for funding: their scholarships have been created with their own study programmes in mind, and so will best cater to your needs. Sometimes you will even have the option to apply for international student funding at the same time as you lodge your study application.


For example, Edith Cowan University has a wide range of scholarships available for students from all around the world. 


External Funding Bodies

Plenty of companies, organisations and external funding bodies also offer a range of scholarship programmes to students across varied study areas and levels. Whilst these awards are typically quite specific in their selection criteria, i.e. tied to study areas that best reflect the work a company does, or best embodies their ethos, they sometimes include additional perks such as completing work experience programmes or attending conference events. You can search for externally granted awards using scholarship search engines such as JASON (Postgraduate funding only) and Hobsons Course Finder, or simply search a study area or company name and pursue your options from there. 


You can also search for funding on our site via the scholarship page.



Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards

This government award is available to high-achieving Masters and PhD students in any field for up to four years of study. After you complete your studies, you’ll have the option to undertake an additional internship in Australia for up to 12 months, with a minimum duration of 2 months.


Amounts are awarded per study programme, and may be worth up to AUD 228,500 for PhD students, and AUD 118,500 for those completing a Master’s degree. The award will also cover health and travel insurance.


Application dates change yearly, but for example, in 2018 applications opened on September 20 and closed on November 15.


To be eligible, you will need to hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s qualification that is of a high academic standard, and be accepted to study at an Australian institution. Selection is extremely competitive and is based on academic merit, strength of other achievements and overall leadership potential.


You will need to apply via the online application system that will be made available during application dates. Students should check the scholarship applications page closer to application dates of previous years for specific application information.


RSPCA Australia Alan White Scholarship for Animal Welfare Research

Named after Alan White, the past president of animal welfare organisation RSPCA, this award is tenable for one year and in 2018, will be valued at AUD 9,000. Students at BachelorMasters and PhD levels may be eligible.


Three awards are granted per year, and whilst they are not restricted to particular academic fields, students who are able to demonstrate a commitment to or involvement in issues of animal welfare will be strongly favoured. This scholarship is offered as funding for an original research project focused on improving the welfare of animals in Australia. Funds may be used towards any research area provided it meets the general scholarship criteria.


Eligible students need to be accepted to an accredited Australian university course and completing a discrete research project that may be part of a larger research programme. Above all, you need to show that your proposed course of research is in line with RSPCA ethos and current policies. Application deadlines change annually, but in 2019 will be September 27.


To apply, you will need to download a scholarship application form from the RSPCA scholarship page. On this form, you will need to list academic referees and a brief study proposal that outlines how your research will work to better the welfare of animals. You will then need to send or e-mail the completed form to RSPCA’s Australian office. 


Grape and Wine PhD Scholarship

The Australian Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) offers generous funding to encourage Honours, Masters and PhD students to undertake programmes in areas of wine, Viticulture and wine business research. 


Amounts awarded vary depending on your study level, with an annual allowance of up to AUD 35,000 and AUD 10,000 in operating funds granted to full-time Masters and PhD students. Scholarships are offered at either full or partial value.


Selection is based on academic merit, the calibre of your CV, the strength of your research proposal and whether or not it is likely you will pursue work within the wine industry after completing your studies.


You will need to apply through GWRDC’s online portal which you will first need to create an account to access. You will need to attach a certified copy of all relevant academic transcripts, your CV and a signed confirmation of your supervisor’s support. You will need to have nominated a supervisor before you apply, but you’ll be able to change if need be after you’re accepted.


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