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The basics
Australia: Student Finances

How much do tuition fees in Australia cost?

Knowing how much your tuition fees will cost you is an important part of your decision-making process. We’re here to help with our guide to the cost of tuition in Australia.

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For many students looking to study abroad, researching their dream destination is an exciting task as they begin to plan their future. There is however one bit of research with the power to be most stressful: finances. This is especially true of university tuition fees. With so many numbers it can feel difficult to compare all the information.


Not to worry, here at Hotcourses, we have researched Australian tuition fees for you. We’ve combined all the data to give you a comprehensive picture of what to expect so that you can get back to the exciting parts of preparing for your adventure Down Under.


All costs in this article are provided in US dollars, with a conversion rate of 1 USD: 1.4 AUD at the time of writing.


What do tuition fees cover?


Tuition fees in Australia are tailored to the individual student and charged by the unit (of the modules you choose to study). You can expect them to cover:


  • lectures, seminars, and tutorials
  • examinations
  • access to university resources, e.g. libraries and computer rooms
  • access to course-related facilities and equipment, e.g. laboratories and studios
  • course admin costs and other academic services


Tuition fees do not usually cover any student supplies (e.g. textbooks or stationery) or living expenses (e.g. rent, travel or bills). For more information about these, why not read our article about the cost of living in Australia?


Australian universities also require students to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). This is a government-mandated fee to help provide support and non-academic amenities for students. In 2022, the SSAF was USD 225 per yearSome universities include the SSAF within their international fee structure, so check before you apply.


Understanding tuition fees

When calculating the price of tuition fees in Australia, costs will vary, so it’s critical to consider several factors.


Home country

Anyone applying to a university from outside Australia and New Zealand is considered an international student (also known as an overseas student). Therefore, they will have to pay international student fees. If you are a citizen of New Zealand, you are entitled to the same subsidised fee rates as domestic (Australian) students.


Geographic location

Tuition fees tend to be most expensive in Australia’s desirable east coast cities. But travel north, south, or east, and you’ll find options more agreeable to a tighter budget.


Academic institution

Higher ranked universities will generally charge more for tuition, meaning fees can vary significantly between institutions. You can use the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the QS World University Rankings as a reference.


Type of qualification

Often, tuition fees for postgraduate degrees are more costly per year than they are at the undergraduate level.


Subject studied

You’ll usually pay more for a STEM degree than for arts or humanities degrees. Medical and veterinary sciences are usually much more expensive than other degree types.


Course length

Don’t forget to consider the length of your course. As tuition fees are not usually charged as a one-off payment, the longer your course takes, the more expensive it will be. Undergraduate degrees in Australia are typically three years long (four years if you study for an honour’s degree).


Method of learning

If you decide to study online, it’s often considerably cheaper than traditional methods of study. Similarly, at the postgraduate level, research-based courses will be cheaper than those which are taught.


Years abroad

If your course offers a year abroad, the tuition fees for that year may be different to other years.


How much do undergraduate tuition fees cost in Australia?


Overseas tuition fees in Australia typically cost anywhere between USD 15,000 to USD 70,000 per year. There's a big range, so it’s understandable if you need a little more detail. We’ve put together all the data you need to understand what you might pay for your course.


Remember, since Australian universities charge tuition fees per unit, they are unique to each student. Therefore, these tables show indicative costs only. In our first table, you can see the cost of overseas undergraduate tuition fees (per year) at five of Australia’s top universities. These fees are for full-time courses starting in 2022.


Typical Australian international undergraduate tuition fees per year


Average fees [USD]

(note: some courses may fall outside this range)

Australian National University

USD 28,479 - USD 36,164

University of Melbourne

USD 23,497 - USD 71,749

University of New South Wales

USD 26,914 - USD 55,543

University of Queensland

USD 23,611 - USD 48,617

University of Western Australia

USD 22,214 - USD 45,571


Next, we break down these figures even further to show you the fees for some of the most popular undergraduate courses in Australia.


Typical Australian annual international undergraduate tuition fees (by course)





Average fees [USD]


Health sciences and medicine

Business and management

Social sciences


Australian National University

USD 34,242

   USD 35,204 -   USD 36,164

USD 32,400

   USD 28,479 -  USD 34,242

USD 28,479 - USD 32,400

University of Melbourne

USD 35,908

   USD 33,571 -   USD 71,749

     USD 31,903 -     USD 34,074

   USD 26,400 -  USD 36,434

USD 26,400 - USD 30,163

University of New South Wales

USD 34,800

    USD 35,286 -   USD 55,543

USD 32,743

    USD 26,914 -   USD 34,800

USD 26,914 - USD 28,114

University of Queensland

USD 32,937

   USD 23,611 -   USD 48,617

USD 30,857

    USD 24,971 -   USD 31,760

USD 24,971

University of Western Australia

USD 28,357

   USD 26,357 -   USD 45,571

USD 26,643

    USD 22,214 -   USD 26,643

USD 22,214


With these two tables, hopefully, you can get a basic understanding of what you might expect to pay in tuition fees as an undergraduate in Australia. And of course, if you already know which universities you are interested in, you can request prospectuses for more information about courses and fees.


How much are postgraduate tuition fees in Australia?


Broadly speaking, the range in postgraduate international tuition fees in Australia is about USD 6,000 to USD 70,000 per year.


We’ve put together some tables to help you understand how all these figures can be applied to your situation. Remember, as with undergraduate level, tuition fees are charged per unit and will be completely unique to each student. Therefore, these tables show indicative costs only. The prices shown are for the 2022 academic year.


Typical Australian international postgraduate tuition fees per year (or course length, where the full course is shorter than a year)



Average fees [USD]

(note: some courses may fall outside this range)

Postgraduate Diplomas/Certificates



Australian National University

USD 17,121 - USD 35,204

USD 32,400 - USD 36,164

USD 32,328 - USD 60,800

University of Melbourne

USD 9,554 - USD 35,989

USD 19,109 - USD 68,686

USD 28,177 - USD 42,834

University of New South Wales

USD 22,800 - USD 35,142

USD 25,029 - USD 56,057

USD 25,028 - USD 36,000

University of Queensland

USD 11,063 - USD 19,662

USD 22,126 - USD 58,989

USD 31,143 - USD 59,246

University of Western Australia

USD 9,643 - USD 42,143

USD 21,786 - USD 50,714

USD 25,714 - USD 53,929


The next table shows the costs of some popular postgraduate course options at the same five universities. Remember, the range shown for each course may include options at every level of postgraduate study, from postgraduate certificates all the way through to doctorates.


Typical Australian annual international postgraduate tuition fee per year (or course length, where the full course is shorter than a year) by course type





Average fees [USD]


Health and medicine


Computer sciences and IT


Australian National University

USD 34,242

USD 33,321 - USD 60,800

USD 32,400

USD 34,242

USD 36,164

University of Melbourne

USD 36,251

USD 24,763 - USD 68,686

USD 65,892*

USD 36,251

USD 21,760 - USD 40,686

University of New South Wales

USD 34,457 - USD 34,971

USD 22,800 - USD 36,000

USD 56,057*

USD 25,029 -  USD 35,142

USD 32,571 - USD 33,257

University of Queensland

USD 16,468 - USD 32,937

USD 12,417 - USD 59,246

USD 58,989

USD 16,468 -USD 32,937

USD 31,143

University of Western Australia

USD 26,071 - USD 27,857

USD 6,071 – USD 53,929

USD 45,857*

USD 26,071

USD 25,714

*full course cost

Feeling a little more confident about what to expect? Perhaps now would be a good time to order some university prospectuses and narrow down your university choices.


How do I pay my tuition fees in Australia?


In Australia, tuition fees are paid directly to the university, usually annually and upfront. Some universities charge their tuition fees annually, whilst others charge by quarter or semester. Be sure to check fee structures with your chosen university before you apply.


You will need to pay a deposit to secure your place at the institution you have chosen to obtain your ‘Confirmation of Enrolment'. You will need to have received this before applying for your student visa. 


Did you know?


Many universities offer scholarships and funding opportunities to international students. It’s worth checking to see if there’s one that might suit you.


Now that you know all you need to about the cost of tuition fees, why not learn about the application process for universities in Australia? You could also find your perfect degree in Australia using our course matcher tool


Disclaimer: Whilst we’ve done all we can to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, be aware that these are guidelines and averages only. Costs may vary or change at any time, so be sure to verify fee structures with any prospective institutions.



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