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The top universities for nursing in Australia

Deciding to study nursing abroad is very exciting but have you considered what Australia can offer you? We investigate the best universities in Australia for this degree.

Nursing qualifications

Australia is one of the top study destinations for international students, particularly for those looking to study degrees in health and medicine. With globally recognised qualifications and good career prospects, studying nursing in Australia is a good move. With several top-rated universities to choose from, you have options of where you can study for a degree in nursing. We explore the best universities for nursing in Australia and the nursing qualifications they offer. 


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Situated in the heart of Sydney, just minutes from the coast, UTS is ranked number one for nursing in Australia by the QS World University Rankings 2023. There are nursing courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, UTS offers specialised nursing degrees, including: 


  • mental health nursing
  • palliative care
  • paediatric nursing
  • critical care nursing


Undergraduate students can choose from four different nursing courses. For graduate students, there are 13 postgraduate courses available. Some of the nursing master’s degree options include:


  • Master of Advanced Nursing 
    • Acute Care
    • Chronic and Complex Care
    • Quality and Safety 
    • Leadership and Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing (Online only)
  • Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education (Online only)


UTS also offers advanced degrees in midwifery, palliative care, public health and health service management. In addition, the university has partnerships with the World Health Organisation, John Hopkins University and King’s College London. UTS nursing qualifications aim to educate future nurses and health professionals for practice in real-world settings and variable environments. 


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The University of Sydney 

The University of Sydney sits comfortably in the top three of Australia’s top universities each year. It is considered to be one of the premier institutions in Australia and globally. The university was ranked number two in Australia by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022. The university is also ranked in the top 20 universities for nursing by the QS World University Rankings. 


The university has several campuses, with nursing students having access to several top-class facilities. Nursing courses at the university aim to prepare students for a career in nursing, with practical training a key element of the curriculum, with more on-site instruction than at other universities.  Nursing courses and degrees on offer at the university include:


  • Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies / Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science Nursing 
  • Master of Nursing 


As a nursing student at the institution, you will also have access to the university’s one-of-a-kind research facility, where students are part of ground-breaking research. This experience aims to create nurses who will be instant assets to their workplace, bringing with them critical knowledge and skills. 


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University of Melbourne 

The city of Melbourne is located in the Southwest of the country and is home to the University of Melbourne. The institution is rated as a top 50 global university by the QS World University Rankings 2023 and the number one university in Australia. 


What makes the University of Melbourne unique is its connections with hospitals and research institutes throughout Australia, allowing students hands-on experience within the medical world as early as their first year of study. Students will get a glimpse into life as a nurse in both the public and private sectors. You'll also take your studies to one of their partner institutions and organisations overseas. Some of the nursing degrees and qualifications available at the university include:


  • Graduate certificate in Cancer Nursing 
  • Graduate certificate in Clinical Ultrasound 
  • Graduate certificate in Emergency Care Nursing 
  • Graduate diploma in Mental Health Nursing
  • Master of Advanced Nursing Practice


After completing your degree, you will have a well-rounded education in the field and a lot of practical experience already under your belt. Many nursing graduates from the University of Melbourne end up working at one of the university’s partner hospitals, such as the Royal Women’s Hospital and Latrobe Regional Hospital.


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Monash University 

The largest university in Australia, Monash is a good option if you’re a prospective nursing student. Monash ranks highly on the QS World University Rankings 2023 with a spot in the top three institutions for nursing in Australia and as the number two institution overall. 


The School of Nursing and Midwifery offers students a place to grow and learn in this field with two undergraduate degree options dedicated to creating excellent nurses and midwives. Nursing degrees and qualifications on offer include:


  • Bachelor of Nursing 
  • Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery (Honours)
  • Master of Nursing Practice 
  • Master of Advanced Midwifery 
  • Master of Advanced Clinical Nursing 


The university has one of the highest intakes of international students with over 30,000 calling the university home. Students worldwide recognise it as a great place to get a degree and those looking to study nursing are no exception. 


The courses have everything you may expect from a nursing degree and more, with a large portion of the three years dedicated to studying the social, environmental, and behavioural determinants of health and illness. 



Nursing is a career path that is often described as 'a calling'. Universities know this. Due to the nature of the job ahead for you as a nursing student, these courses need to give you a varied yet thorough education in this field and provide an experience that you can use on your very first day as a nurse. 


Australia is a great destination choice for any international student. This is especially true for those who are looking into studying nursing. Many Australian universities are highly-rated for the quality of their nursing courses and offer a wide range of specialisations for you to consider.  


Find out more about student life in Australia and how to apply to study in Australia. This can help you decide if the country is the right study destination. 

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