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Study in Australia: The top 10 most popular degrees

Which degree should you choose to study in Australia? Read on to find out.

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In this article you’ll find some of the most popular degrees in Australia:


(In no particular order)


Business and Management

There are many aspiring business leaders and managers of the future, making business and management the ultimate favourite for many students. Business schools in Australia are internationally renowned and have a pivotal focus on the Asia-Pacific region, providing and equipping students with a global perspective.



University of South Australia - Bachelor of Business (Management of Information Technology)

Monash University – Bachelor of Business in Business Management



Australian medical degrees often include clinical practise in the programme as well as problem-solving and self-directed learning. Getting a medical degree in Australia generally requires 5-6 years to complete. Australian medical qualifications are recognised worldwide and admission to medicine in Australia is highly competitive.



University of New South Wales (UNSW) – Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery


Charles Sturt University – Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science – Nuclear Medicine



Never seeming to go out of style, accounting services are always in demand on both corporate and personal finance levels. In most cases, students gain professional status via an accredited university course, work experience and further study. Australian-qualified accountants often find employment overseas. 



University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) – Bachelor of Business in Accounting


Macquarie University – Bachelor of Applied Finance with the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce- Professional Accounting


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When studying dentistry in Australia, students learn in an environment that incorporates the latest dental innovations. Typically, it takes five years to complete; the programme includes basic medical studies and sciences as well as problem-based learning. Students may also undertake additional study to specialise in a particular field (e.g. orthodontics or periodontics) upon completion. 



CQUniversity – Bachelor of Oral Health

Charles Sturt University – Bachelor of Dental Science



Nearly all higher education institutions in Australia offer law programmes; law students are taught logical reasoning, creative problem solving and effective communication. Internationally recognised, Australian law degrees are highly sought-after around the world.



Bond University – Bachelor of business law


University of Wollongong – Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law)


Creative Arts and Design

Home to more than one world-class art institution, Australia offers a wide variety of creative arts and design courses, including performing arts, visual arts and crafts, graphic and design studies, communications and media studies as well as other creative arts.



University of Wollongong – Bachelor of Creative Arts



As today’s teaching methods become more sophisticated, the demand for better skilled teachers has also increased tremendously. Australian education programmes are taught through a combination of coursework, research, and practical elements, covering teaching areas such as: early childhood education, primary education, secondary education and special needs education.



Macquarie University – Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Education (Primary)


University of South Australia – Bachelor of Early Childhood Education



Students who are studying engineering in Australia have the peace of mind knowing that they are obtaining a quality degree. Thanks to Engineers Australia who ensures that degrees accredited in Australian universities are equivalent to degrees in countries such as the US, Japan, Ireland and the UK. 



University of Southern Queensland – Associate degree in Engineering

Victoria University – Bachelor of Civil Engineering


Environmental Science

Another of the most popular degrees in Australia is environmental science which typically requires 3-4 years to complete but as the degree is generally flexible, prospective students should consult with an advisor at an early stage. Studying environmental science in Australia includes the combining of natural and social science courses relevant to environmental conservation and sustainable resource management.



Charles Sturt University – Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours)

Monash University – Bachelor of Environmental Science


Computer Science/IT

There’s no stopping the advancement of technology, so it’s easy to understand the growing interest in obtaining a degree in computer science/IT to secure a better future. In Australia, degree courses in computer science typically include software design, algorithms and programming languages.



University of New South Wales – Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)


Charles Sturt University – Bachelor of Computer Science 


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