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Canada: Once you arrive - Must read

5 Things to do in Canada

What do you HAVE to do or see if you move to Canada for your studies? Here are a few ideas...

See a hockey game featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs

Catch a hockey game

Ice hockey (or simply ‘hockey’ as it is referred to) is the national sport of Canada. Some of the biggest teams in the country include the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks, all of whom play in the the National Hockey League (NHL). These games are widely televised and you can watch either at home (on TV or online) or at a bar with a crowd. However we recommend that you attend games live for the full atmosphere. It’s not just the NHL games which you can catch either! Many fans prefer the minor league games as there are more fights in these games – each to their own!


Sports are a great way to integrate into a community and bond with those around you.



Winter sports

Canada’s climate lends itself to winter sports and Canadians will grow up taking part in these as a result – it’s in their blood! In addition to hockey, you’ll find that Canada has incredible spots throughout the country to snowboard, ski, figure-skate, curl and more. If you’ve grown up in a hot climate, this will likely be the first time you’ve laced up a pair of skates or tried any of these. By the time you’ve graduated and leave, you’ll be a pro and you can impress your friends back home.



Go camping in summer

Canada has some absolutely beautiful landscapes where you can camp out and really get to know the nature around you. While the modern cities you’ll likely be studying in have all the amenities an international student would need, you really ought to get to see the country which will take you off the beaten track where everyone goes. Some of the prime camping spots in the country include Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, and Lake Superior Provincial Park and Silent Lake in Ontario. Camping in the great outdoors is a great way to bond with your new friends. You can also see more of the animal life such as moose and deer. Just make sure you pack your longjohns and all the warm equipment you’ll need – it’s extremely cold!



Dog sledding

See some of Canada’s most beautiful natural landscapes as you’re pulled along on a sled by group of dogs. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially if you’re sharing it with a boyfriend or girlfriend at night, all snuggled up! Originally dog sledding was the only form of transport to and from the south and north poles; but now it’s a popular leisurely activity to see some of the furthest-reaching corners of Canada (and uniquely Canadian too). You can either sit back and be pulled along, or take the reins yourself. Plus if you’re a fan of dogs, your guide can educate you about them. Some of the best places to go dog sledding include Banff national park in Alberta and Algonquin Park in Ontario.



 Become addicted to Tim Hortons

A restaurant chain known for its signature coffee and doughnuts, Tim Hortons is an institution in the country and a regular destination each morning for Canadians to help them wake up. There are over 3,500 restaurants so you won’t necessarily have to hunt one down – they’re pretty conveniently-located. Don’t be surprised if you become a regular customer what with long nights studying and early morning classes. Plus something hot will be enticing in the brisk Canadian weather. Our usual pick is a Dark Roast with a Flatbread Breakfast Panini.