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5 fields to study in Canada for international students

What subjects should you study in Canada? Here's 5 of the most popular fields that international students are choosing to study.

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We took a look at our data to see which courses are most commonly searched for in Canada and the results are in. The following five fields are most popular among prospective international students. But the question is, why?


Health and Medicine

It is not surprising that health and medicine is the most popular degree course for students looking to study in Canada. Our insights also reveal that medicine is most popular at postgraduate level when students are looking to specialize. This is a particularly desirable programme around the world due to its promising career prospects, high salary and the rewarding nature of the job. There will also always be a high demand for medical professionals which means you are likely to find work after graduating. This can be a worry for many students around the world, which means having a secure and stable career path is a significant advantage of studying health and medicine.


Medicine courses are however, highly competitive, and Canada is no exception.  However, if you do manage to secure the necessary grades, you will have access to some of the best medical teaching in the world. Search for courses today and click on an institution to find out what entry requirements you need to begin your career in this field.



After crunching the numbers, our data revealed engineering to be the 2nd most popular subject to study in Canada. Again, this is a field with an array of opportunities for graduates with several areas to specialize in. According to our insights the most popular subjects are aerospace, mechanical and general engineering and technology. Aerospace engineering in particular can lead to a median salary of CAD 89,700 per year and is one the top 25 jobs to have in Canada. If you are looking to find work or want to stay for a few years once you graduate, Canada offers a three-year post-study work visa option. This is a generous length of time in comparison to other top destinations and gives you more flexibility when applying for permanent residency. Want to find out more about Canada as a study destination?


Business and Management

Some of the top business-related courses pursued by international students in Canada include management, business studies and accounting. One major advantage of this field is that it is so versatile and the skills you learn on these courses can be applied to many roles and companies. A business manager in Canada could expect a salary of CAD 85,000 and an accountant could earn CAD 57,000 with a starting salary of CAD 33,951. Not bad for a recent graduate, eh? You might also have completed an undergraduate degree and now want to specialize in business or a related discipline at postgraduate level. This is a common route as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a highly respected qualification and is sometimes obligatory for certain positions.



Applied and pure sciences

This field refers to two disciplines; applied science concentrates on technology and engineering while pure science focuses on theories and is often carried out in laboratories. This is a growing field with a global demand. No matter where you are in the world, scientists are in high demand as the world always needs new ideas and innovations. Yet this doesn’t mean that you have to wear a white coat and work in a lab. There is a wide variety of roles for scientists, including city planning and education which may not be obvious at first. The skills acquired in this degree are therefore transferrable to other industries. As a research scientist in Canada you could earn an average salary of CAD 90,000 or CAD 56,550 per year for entry level roles. For a biomedical engineering position, you can expect to be paid CAD 55,000 per year.


Media Studies

Media studies often involves making films, setting up your own website, analysing newspapers and designing magazines. So why choose Canada for this course? Four of Canada’s institutions fall within the world’s top 100 for communication and media studies, namely the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Colombia and University of Montreal. This a creative course for those wanting a career in the media industry such as PR, journalism, videography, digital marketing and publishing for example. This is a highly popular and competitive field where you will be expected to have relevant work experience. With the rise of digital media, there is a growing demand for people with online communication skills, which is vital for every company.


Now that you’re in the know with some of the most popular courses in Canada why not take a look at how to apply to study at a university in Canada?

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