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3 Fields to study in Canada

What subjects should you study in Canada? Learn why the country is the ideal location for prospective Animation and Engineering students...

Studying Animation in Canada

While you may have heard of the ‘American Dream’, increasingly more international students are choosing to study in Canada as an alternative to their neighbours south of the border (and often a cheaper alternative too). But what should you study? What fields are Canadian institutions strong in which push them just above their American counterparts, as well as other popular study destinations around the world? Find out below...




Canada plays an important role in American’s world-dominating film and television industry. As well as providing locations for filming in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, Canada is also producing some of the leaders in animation. Sheridan College is the top school for animation, nurturing grads who eventually progress on to household name empires Disney and Pixar. There is also the Banff Center for the Arts. Alternatively you can work freelance or for an agency which the bigger clients outsource work to, such as Toon Boom who work on some the big Oscar-nominated films. If you want to create the next animated masterpiece which captures the hearts of a generation like Toy Story or The Lion King, a Canadian education is the path in the right direction.



Software Engineering

Did you know that Blackberry was started in Canada? It’s true! In fact, IMAX and flatscreen technology also have their roots in Canada. It’s not just Silicon Valley in California which is doing exciting things in software engineering and technology! The University of Waterloo in particular has a reputation for software engineering with many grads going on to technology heavyweights like Microsoft and Google.



Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is concerned with the production of oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbon products, which in turn dramatically have an effect on industries which rely on these products in order to manufacture their products. Canadian institutions have extensive resources at their disposal to assist with studies in this field.


The University of Calgary, University of Dalhousie and University of Alberta have particularly strong reputations in petroleum engineering with excellent funding opportunities and an array of course options to pursue a very niche area.



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Studying Animation in Canada

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