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The basics
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SPM TIPS: Pendidikan Moral

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Follow the tips below and familiarise yourself with the format.

Top tips

To score in Pendidikan Moral, you need to have a good memory and learn to analyse logically. Start off by memorising one moral value each day. Alternatively make pocket notes on every moral value, definition and key words to help you remember better. It’s a good idea to look at it wherever you go.

There are 2 papers. Paper 1 includes questions you have to attempt while sitting for SPM. Paper 2 is the project or folio that you’ll need to complete either in Form 4 or 5.

Paper 2

To do well in Paper 2, here are some of the things you’ll need to do. Establish a good relationship with your Moral teacher. Find out what he wants in your folio. Do everything that’s required of you to a T from photos to essay formats, and remember to project a strong character at all times, particularly during Moral classes.

 Paper 1

This paper consists or Section A which is a structure question and Section B, an essay question. You’re given 2 ½ hours. You should have more than ample time to double and triple check your work.

To do well, make sure you’ve memorised all the Moral values (nilai), definitions and keywords.

  1. Section A

You must answer all questions in this section. Questions consist of moral values, definitions and KBKK (reasoning or logic). Answer in full sentences and never in point forms. Avoid uncertain words like ‘iaitu’, ‘sesuatu’ and ‘seseorang’.

  1. Section B

Answer all questions although this section only requires you to answer 2. Make sure you answer in only 1 paragraph. The format for each moral value includes the name of the moral value and 2 keywords. Then elaborate each keyword. Always remember to give 3 moral values for each question.


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How to study smart for SPM


Good luck!

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