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Tuition fees in Malaysia

Our tuition fee guide for international students in Malaysia


With progressively modern, emerging metropolitan life, Malaysian cities welcome increasing amounts of international guests per year. Having set the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s sixth largest education exporter by 2020, Malaysia’s higher education sector is rapidly advancing, making it a popular study choice for international students.


The fees below are a guide; we always recommend checking with the institution or department for the exact fee for the course you’re interested in.


Note: RM 1 = £0.19 = US $0.26 at time of writing (March 2018). Be aware that this rate will be continuously changing.  


As well as public universities, there are three types of private tertiary education institutions in Malaysia: private colleges, foreign branch campus universities and Malaysian private universities.


International students also have the unique option of ‘twinning’ when studying in Malaysia, offering students the chance to complete their undergraduate degree across partnering institutions in two different countries. Participating countries include the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany and the US.



Whilst fees vary between institution and study area, undergraduate tuition fees across the nation are comparatively low. Foreign branch campus universities will usually be the most expensive, whilst fees across Malaysian private universities and colleges vary depending on subject area and institution. Fees are generally lowest in public universities. On average, courses at foreign branch universities will cost around the following, by subject area:

  • Business: RM 48,000-RM 84,000 (US $12,312 - US $21,546)
  • Engineering: RM 82,000-RM 102,000 (US $21,033 - US $26,164)
  • IT: RM 52,800-RM 84,000 (US $13,543 - US $21,546)
  • Medicine: RM 325,000 (US$ 83,365)


Public universities

Public universities are government-funded and self-managed, and will generally be your cheapest study option. For example, public university Universiti Utara Malaysia charges the following per course, by subject area:

  • IT: RM 8,900-RM 9,910 (US $2,282 - US $2,542)
  • Hospitality Management: RM 9,090-RM 9,390 (US $2,331 - US $2,408)
  • Other programmes: RM 8,690-RM 8,890 (US$ 2,229 - US $2,280)


Students are also required to pay a personal bond between RM 500- RM 2000 (US $128 - US $513) that is refunded upon completion of their studies, depending on their country of origin.


Private universities

At a Malaysian private university, students would look to pay around the following per course, by subject area:

  • Business: RM 30,000 - RM 40,000 (US $7,695 - US $10,260)
  • Engineering: RM 46,000-RM 52,000 (US $11,800 - US $13,338)
  • IT: RM 33,000-RM 43,000 (US $8,465 - US $11,030)
  • Medicine: RM 250,000-RM 333,000 (US $64,127 - US $85,417)
  • Hospitality & Tourism: RM 31,000-RM 55,000 (US $7,951 - US $14,108)
  • Music: RM 53,000-RM 59,000 (US $13,595 - US $15,134)


Private colleges

Private colleges would roughly charge around the following per course, by subject area:

  • Business: RM 39,000-RM 52,000 (US $10,003 - US $13,338)
  • Engineering: RM 45,000-RM 47,000 (US $11,542 - US $12,055)
  • IT: RM 33,000- RM 40,000 (US $8,464 - US $10,260)
  • Hospitality & Tourism: RM 45,000-RM 48,500 (US $11,542 - US $12,440)
  • Music: RM 54,000 (US $13,850)


Specific institutions also offer a number of scholarship options to international students in Malaysia. Details are available on specific university websites which you can access through their profile on our site.



Tuition fees for Postgraduate studies in Malaysia are also very competitive, and as with undergraduate, differ between public and private study institutions. On average however, a Master of Business Administration costs between RM 21,000 - RM 30,000 (US $5,386 - US $7,695) at a private university, and between RM 13,000 - RM 25,000 (US $3,334 - US $6,412) at a public university.


For non-medical postgraduate programmes at public universities, you’re looking at around RM 1,800-RM 6,000 (US $460 - US $1,540) per year. Other course fees are tied specifically to an institution.


For example, the International Medical University, a private institution, charges per module rather than per course, with some master’s programmes charged per semester. International students pay from RM 2,700 - RM 5,300 (US $690 - US $1,360) per module for a Masters degree. Dissertation and research project modules cost from around RM 21,550 - RM 26,750 (US $5,528 - US $6,862). Detailed course fees and costs of other specialist postgraduate programmes should be pursued on the institution’s website.


Once more, we always recommend you confirm the fees for a specific course with the institution or department themselves. This information is available on our site or you can contact the institution themselves through us.


Now that you have an idea of tuition fees in Malaysia, why not start browsing courses in Malaysia and start planning your study abroad adventure?



You can also read more about student living costs in Malaysia.

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