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MUET writing test model answers

Success in the MUET writing test is all about attention to detail and a well-developed understanding of the tasks. We can help with a guide to the model answers for tasks one and two, plus how to approach them.

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We know that you want to do well in the MUET writing test. Achieving your goal of a good result will take time, practice, and attention to detail. You will need to understand what is required when answering the MUET writing test tasks and how best to approach these. We’re here to help with a close look at model answers for the MUET writing test tasks. This will give you a good idea of the standard and level required, as well as some of the techniques you can use. 


Let’s start by examining the first task of the MUET writing test


MUET writing test task one 


For task one, you will need to reply to an email. The task should take you 25 minutes to complete and is worth 30 marks, which is 33 per cent of your overall writing test score. You will need to write a response of over 100 words for this question. 



Task one question

Your classmate, Armani, was absent from school because he was sick. Read the email from him asking about the school English camp which he missed. 


Write a reply of at least 100 words in an appropriate style. 


From: Armani

Subject: Oh I missed the English camp!


How was the school English camp? I feel very sad that I could not join the camp. 

I heard that there were lots of fun things to do at the camp! What was your favourite activity at the camp?

I also heard that campers had to share tents, did you like it?

I heard too that the school is planning another camp soon and I want to join it. Would you like to join me?

Write soon. 



It’s useful to break down the email into distinct sections that you will reply to. This can help in the way you develop your answer. In this case, each line of the email requires an appropriate response. For example:


  1. Express your sympathy that Armani was unable to attend the English camp and ask how he is doing. 

  2. Describe what activities there were at camp and which you enjoyed the most and why. 

  3. Explain whether or not you enjoyed sharing a tent and why this was the case. 

  4. Answer Armani on whether you would like to attend an English camp with him 

  5. Conclude your email


You can think of the structure as: 


  1. Greeting

  2. Answer one 

  3. Answer two

  4. Answer three

  5. Closing 


Here is an example of a model answer for task one of the MUET writing test:


From: [Your name]

Subject: We missed you!

Hi Armani, 

I do hope that you are feeling better. I really enjoyed that English camp, but I missed having you there. 

That’s right, there were some very fun activities at the camp. One of my favourites was when we had to write a short story in English and then read it out to our friends. I got a lot of cheers and everyone said that they enjoyed it. 

We did have to share tents which I did not enjoy. Some of the campers in my tent were making a lot of noise and this made it difficult to get any sleep. 

The school is planning another camp soon and I would love to join you. We’ll have lots of fun together. 

Hope to see you soon. 

[Your name]



MUET writing test task two

For the MUET writing test task two, you need to write an essay based on a statement or question that is given to you. The task is marked out of 60, which is 66 per cent of your total MUET test mark. You will need to allocate approximately 50 minutes for the completion of this question. You may be asked to complete a different type and style of essay depending on the question. For example:


  • Discursive essay

  • Problem-based essay 

  • Argumentative essay



Remember that getting the tone and style right for this question is important if you want to score top marks. It is a more formal and professional tone than that of task one and requires a minimum of 250 words. 


Task two question


You attended a talk by a famous fashion designer, which was recently organised during your school’s Career Week. The following comment was made by the guest speaker:

Fashion defines a person’s character. 

Write an essay expressing your view on the statement. Write at least 250 words. 



Firstly, you will need to decide if you agree with the statement and why. You will also need to support your view and position. It’s useful when approaching the question to create an outline or plan to help you answer. 


  • Decide on your opinion and perspective 

  • Understand the type of essay you will write, in this case, discursive

  • Identify keywords

  • Determine to who you are addressing the essay 



Think of the structure of your essay, which can be helped by adopting a template as shown below:



  1. Context and topic information to get attention

  2. Statement of opinion 

  3. Argument justification

Main content 

  1. Point one 

    1. Introduction to point

    2. Reason for your position

    3. Examples and evidence to support the statement 

    4. Conclusion

  2. Point two 

    1. Link from previous and introduction to point

    2. Reason for your opinion or position 

    3. Examples and evidence to support your statement 

    4. Conclusion 

  3. Point three

    1. Connect to the previous point and introduce the final point

    2. Reason for your position, opinion or argument 

    3. Example to justify what you are saying 

    4. Conclusion


  1. State the main points of the discussion and topic 

  2. Provide a summary of your position 

  3. Justify this position and why you chose this angle



Let’s turn our attention to a model answer for the question in task two so you can get an idea of what a good answer looks like. 


MUET writing test task two model answer

Many people may not realise that fashion no longer defines our true character. Historically, clothing and accessories have been used by people to express elements of their personalities. However, in the current era, fashion has become a tool that serves multiple purposes. I disagree that fashion defines a person’s character and feel that this is an illusion. Fashion is an allusion to a character that may not be part of a person or a tool that serves occupational needs. It cannot express or explain a person’s whole identity. 

Firstly, fashion is used by people to create a sense of their character and personality. They wish to convey a certain image, affiliation and identity through the clothes and accessories they choose to wear. These choices can stereotype a person and can be manipulated for the purpose of achieving the desired image. For example, the wearing of black-rimmed spectacles is often used to suggest that a person is intelligent, regardless of if they are or not. Fashion in this case can be compensation for traits people may want to have. 

Secondly, fashion is a tool that serves occupational purposes. In this context, it is no longer a form of self-expression but a type of conformity. People in certain work environments are expected to dress in a particular way professionally, which may change according to the industry they work in. For example, in the entertainment sphere, singers will dress up to match the theme of their song or show.  A lawyer would not be able to do the same.  Further, when not at work both singers and lawyers may wear more relaxed and comfortable clothing. Fashion is thus closely aligned with occupation and environment. 

Lastly, while it is possible to suggest that fashion allows people to express their personality, this is only a small part or aspect of their character. A person’s full character is unique, multilayered and complex. Fashion is a tool that only allows for a small amount of self-expression. It is not a reflection of who a person truly is. For example, many people may wear the Nike sportswear brand. However, they may not be athletes, play sports, or lead an active lifestyle. Thus, fashion is limited in what it can tell about who a person really is. 

In conclusion, I disagree that fashion can define a person’s character as it is a limited and context-specific tool. It can be an allusion to a character trait that is not present in a person and is also related to their occupation in some cases. Fashion cannot reflect a person’s whole character. One should never judge or measure a person by the clothes that they wear. 

                                                                                                                               444 words 


As you can tell from the MUET writing test task two model answer it’s important to understand tone, structure, opinion, and argument. It’s also useful to work on your vocabulary and pay attention to your grammar. Practising your writing is also essential, so attempt a number of test question examples and essay styles so that you are ready for test day. 

Remember that you can get more information and tips on the MUET writing test in our ultimate guide.


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