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MUET essay writing tips

To achieve success in the MUET writing test you need to understand the tasks, questions and answer techniques. We take you through how to approach these for the best results with top tips.

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The best preparation for any test is practice. The same is true for the MUET writing test, with two questions designed to test your written English language ability. It’s a good idea for the MUET writing test to practice both of these questions and the different components they are made up of. We guide you through what kind of questions you can expect to see in the MUET writing test, how to answer them and some tips for this section of the MUET exam.


*You can get more detailed information and tips for the MUET writing test with our most recent guide. 


MUET essay writing question one example

For the MUET writing test question one, you are required to create and write a reply to a letter or email. This will need to be at least 100 words long for the task and should make use of all of the information in the email or letter provided. Let’s take a closer look at an example:


Question 1

Your classmate, Elliott, was unable to visit your English teacher who was injured because he was ill. Read the email from him asking about the visit that he had missed. 


From: Elliott

Subject: How is Mrs. Alina doing?


How are you? How is Mrs.Alina doing since her injury? I am really sad that I could not join all of you to visit her as I was down with a fever and cough. 

I heard that Mrs. Alina hurt he arm quite seriously. Am I right? How did it happen?

Please update me on her situation and when she will be back at school. 

I hope I can visit her soon. Would you like to come with me then?


Write soon. 


When approaching this task you can break down the email into distinct sections so that you can reply effectively. You can use the paragraph structure for this purpose. For example:


  1. Let Elliott know how you are and explain what the current situation with Mrs. Alina is. 

  2. Describe what happened to Mrs. Alina and how severe the accident was. 

  3. Give an update on when Mrs. Alina will be returning to school. 

  4. Answer Eliott on whether you would like to accompany him on a visit to Mrs. Alina. 


Here is a basic model answer reply for question one:


To: Elliott

RE: Update on Mrs. Alina

I am well thank you. I hope you are feeling better and recovered from your fever and cough. Mrs. Alina was in the emergency ward for a few hours and she was discharged on the same day. She has been home resting since. 

Yes, you are right. Mrs. Alina injured her arm quite seriously. She was cooking in the kitchen when she slipped and fell. It was quite a bad fall and he husband had to take her to hospital. 

She will be on best rest for about two weeks and should be back in school immediately after. She hopes not to be away for too long as our exams are drawing near.

Yes, most definitely, I will visit her with you, when you are ready. That would really cheer her up. 

In the meantime, take care and see you soon. 





Tips for MUET essay writing question one

Our top tips for success in the MUET writing test question one are:


  • Stick to the allocated time for the question which is about 25 minutes. 

  • Read the instructions and questions carefully. 

  • Make notes and highlight keywords and phrases. 

  • Practice writing in a shorter format and more concisely.  

  • Practice identifying questions and ideas.

  • Know the level of English is required for good marks. In this case, a CEFR level ranging between a minimum of A2 (elementary) to C1 (advanced).


MUET essay writing question two example

For the MUET writing test question two, you are required to write a short essay based on a statement or question that is provided. This should be 250 words or more and you need to be able to express an opinion, form an argument and provide justification. Your MUET essay should relate directly to the statement or question you have been asked, so make sure to stay on topic.  


We can now turn our attention to the type of question you may come across for the MUET writing test part two. 


Question 2

You attended a talk by a youth speaker. During the talk, the speaker suggests that to reduce crime in the long term, courts should significantly reduce prison sentences and focus on education and community work to help criminals not re-offend. Prison is not a cure for crime


To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion?


Remember that for your MUET essay you should have an introduction, followed by three points each a paragraph long and then a conclusion. Let’s take a look at a possible introductory paragraph for this task. 


Everyone thinks that reducing our crime rate is very important. Some people think that reducing prison sentences and replacing this with education and community work is a solution instead. On the other hand, there are those who believe that keeping prison sentences long is still the most suitable way to deal with crime. In my opinion, the method chosen would depend on the type and seriousness of the crime committed. 


Ensure that when you are writing your subsequent paragraphs you make your point, give an explanation and then an example to back this up. Let’s look at a possible example:


Some think that an individual with a higher level of knowledge and education are less likely to commit a crime. It has been proven that crime occurs less often in countries with higher levels of education. In addition, community service is another great way of preventing reoffence. For example, in Singapore, when an offender is caught littering. They are sentenced to 100 hours of community service picking up litter. 



Tips for MUET essay writing question two

Our top tips for success in the MUET writing test question one are:


  • Read the question carefully to see what type of essay you will write, discursive, argumentative or descriptive. 

  • Test yourself under pressure by sticking to a time limit. In the exam, you will only have 50 minutes for this task. 

  • Make lists of vocabulary and words while studying so that you can use these effectively when writing. 

  • Try to engage in Engish discussions and talks. You can even watch discussions online to help. This can help identify opinions and arguments. 

  • Sketch out a plan for your MUET essay with the main ideas and structure. This will help when you write. 


If you are getting ready to take the MUET exam soon you will find our guides to the MUET speaking, reading and listening tests useful. 


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