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The basics
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SPM TIPS: Bahasa Melayu Pemahaman


Many students struggle with time management when answering the SPM Bahasa Melayu Paper 2. Here are some tips on how you can manage your time better and score.

Top tips

Avoid spending too much time on the summary section or the reading comprehension. To do this, you should move on to the next question quickly if you face difficulties in answering a question. Do not waste your time pondering over one question.

For every question (except for the summary), you should stick to answering in one paragraph. The second sentence should follow the first sentence immediately and this continues for the rest of the sentences. Do not leave any space.


You should analyse the question. For example:

Baca petikan di bawah dengan teliti, kemudian buat satu rumusan tentang kesan-kesan pencemaran air dan langkah mengatasinya. Panjang rumusan hendaklah tidak melebihi 120 patah perkataan.

It is clear that the summary you are required to write will have kesan-kesan pencemaran air as the isi tersurat while langkah mengatasinya as the isi tersirat. To write the introduction, read the passage thoroughly and identify all the isi tersurat while looking for the main idea of the passage. Your introductory paragraph must contain the main idea of the passage. In this case, it is kesan pencemaran air. Replace the word kesan with a different one such as implikasi or akibat.

For the second paragraph (isi tersurat), you should summarise the points related to akibat daripada pencemaran air in the passage. Do not include your own points in isi tersurat. Write 6-7 isi tersurat and 2-3 isi tersirat.

Write the isi tersirat in paragraph 3. For instance, mention the usaha untuk mengatasinya. The conclusion should always be written like this – Kesimpulannya, semua pihak harus bekerjasama dalam menangani masalah pencemaran air supaya rakyat Malaysia mendapat bekalan air yang selamat.


For questions asking the meaning of certain words, never repeat the words being asked in the answer. For questions asking for your opinion, you should write your own answer without referring to the passage. For questions referring to the excerpts of a literature text, you should answer what you have learned in form four and five literature. Normally, you can forecast the actual SPM questions by analysing the literature texts in various states.

Pengetahuan dan kemahiran bahasa

For questions 3(c) and 3(d), underline the words which you have changed or corrected in the answers.


Make sure you have read the original novels before you step into the exam hall. Read and memorise the notes about the literature aspects of the two novels as you’ll be asked to make comparisons. Give one example to support each point in your answer.

Good luck!

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