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The basics
Malaysia: Subject Guides

Why learn English in Malaysia


Malaysians use English in their daily transactions and while the English language is being used extensively in both formal and informal situations, English is also fast becoming a second language in homes where family and friends converse to each other in the language. As all private higher educational institutions use English language as the medium of instruction, students who are poor in English can improve their language skills right here in Malaysia.


Conducive environment

A multilingual society like Malaysia has advantages as students will learn English for university use and for the work place. There are many language centres n major cities and students can opt for courses that cater to the individual needs. There are classes which offer English for academic purposes and also classes for specific purposes for career enhancement and development.


Trained professional instructors

English instructors in private educational institutions, whether expatriate or the local, are highly qualified and experienced. Students are taught by friendly and dedicated professionals who are concerned about students’ success in learning English.


Effective teaching methodology

Language centres in Malaysia often use creative and dynamic learning activities for language programmes. Classes are lively and interactive where students can engage in role play activities, problem solving exercises and small group discussions. Therefore, the students are able to apply their newly-learnt grammatical structures, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions to meaningful, real life situations.


Multimedia technology

Some language centres are equipped with multimedia laboratories that are installed with comprehensive internet and networking system. This includes interactive computer assisted learning software, videos and audio tapes.


Small classes

Students are assured of being able to study in anxiety-free, fully air-conditioned rooms. English classes are normally small and with fewer students to guarantee personalised attention. This enables students to progress at a rapid pace.


Competitive fees

The tuition fees for English courses in Malaysia are competitive. A preparatory course to TOEFL and IELTS examinations usually take 2-6 months and the fees range from RM400-RM800 per course depending on the duration and course contents.



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