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The basics

The Netherlands: Applying to university

Are you ready to apply? Not quite sure yet? When applying to study in the Netherlands, there are several factors to take into consideration, including the country’s education system and study culture – it’s likely very different to what you’re used to, but then that’s why you’ve chosen to study abroad after all! Let us enlighten you as to how things are done in the Netherlands and what you can expect, so your application has the very best chance of being accepted.

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How to apply to study in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands might be the most densely populated nation in Europe, but it still manages to house about 87,100 international students currently studying in Holland. Considering the nation’s rich, tolerant culture and impressive 11 universities in the world’s top 200, it’s hardly a surprise that students around the world are opting to “go orange”. With the nation’s unique education system in mind however, actually applying to study in the Netherlands may seem a confusing and


The Dutch higher education system...simplified

Amidst seas of tall, blond heads and the incessant chirp of bicycle bells, higher education institutions in the Netherlands offer the highest rate of English-taught programmes in continental Europe. With globally regarded study programmes and a diverse expat population that hails from over 190 countries, the Dutch study abroad experience is a much sought-after choice for international students. Getting your head around the nation’s unique higher education system however can seem a