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South Korea: Career Prospects - Must read

Finding a graduate career in South Korea

How do you find a job in South Korea once you graduate if you’re an international student? You've come to the right place to find out...

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What’s the job market like?

There’s very low unemployment in South Korea currently and its economy has been growing steadily, making it a great time to get a job in the country. The Korean government is also keen on students from overseas securing jobs there, however certain fields are easier to come by roles than others so it’s important to do your research before committing to settling there to find a job.


The job market can be competitive as you'll be up against Korean nationals, but as long as you have a relevant degree from a Korean insitution and a good command of the language, you may find your international background can serve as  an advantage.


Can I work in South Korea as an international student?

If you’re looking to work part-time while studying in Korea the good news is you can! As an international student on a relevant study visa you are eligible for working up to 20 hours a week during your course and you can work unlimited hours during your holiday time. 

Can I work in South Korea once I graduate?

You’re only eligible to work full-time in South Korea after graduating if you seek a visa for professors, have a Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences and Engineering or a Masters degree in a humanities subject from a Korean university. If none of the above experience applies to you then you might find it tricky to secure a work placement and we recommend speaking to your international office at your university to discuss this further



  • Take advantage of any work placement opportunities during your studies in Korea
  • Get your language up to scratch by taking a module in Korean language or investing in language classes
  • Network at all opportunities. The job market is all about connections
  • If you have work qualifications from another country check ahead of your trip if they're recognised in Korea


Useful sites for finding a job in South Korea:

HigherEd jobs - for PhD, postdoctural, research and lecturing vacancies at Korean universities
Korean national job centre - supported by the Korean government
Work net  - recruitment portal


Other useful sites: 

Hi Korea - for foreign nationals in Korea 
Government website on employment