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South Korea: Student Accommodation - Must read

Student accommodation in South Korea

Are you unsure of where you’ll be living while studying abroad? Here’s everything you need to know about accommodation for international students in South Korea…

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Accommodation can be tricky wherever you decide to study abroad, but your university should have resources for international students. Don’t be shy; contact your university to see the resources available to you!


These are the typical types of accommodation for foreign students in South Korea:



While the slim majority of students live off campus – usually at home with their parents – South Korean dorms are very popular. Many dorms provide both a room and food, which can help students that do not want to cook for themselves. Usually, students living in dorms share a room with one to three other people and the rooms are already furnished. Bathrooms can be shared by the floor or attached to the room, depending on what the university offers.


Dorms are almost always the closest housing to campus, which makes it easy to get to class. Dorms, though, usually have rules that you are required to follow, so make sure you understand your campus’ policy before deciding to live in a dorm.


Costs range depending on the amount of meals, the location and the university. They can cost anywhere from £200 to £600 per semester. 



These rooms are very cheap, but also very small. You can rent a goshiwon privately or through your university, if they offer that service. They usually come furnished, although the amenities vary. You will most likely have to share a bathroom with your neighbours, and there can be rules that you are required to follow with curfew and having friends over.


Like dorms, pricing will vary depending on the city you are going to school in. Housing in Seoul is more expensive than housing in smaller cities, but goshiwons are generally inexpensive. Rent can be as low as £115 per month!



A slightly older form of accommodation, these homes are mainly utilised by students. They are almost always run by ajummas (older, married women) who cook breakfast and dinner every day! This can be really nice for students that do not want to cook, or worry about being homesick.


A hasukjip is similar to a home stay, because you are living in a Korean person’s house, and can offer insight into the culture. They are almost always run independently of universities, but there tend to be more options close to university campuses.


The prices are a little more expensive than a goshiwon, and begin around £220 per month, bit can be more expensive.


One-rooms, apartments, and houses

You always have the option to rent an apartment or house around your university, but these can be the most expensive option. One-rooms, or studio apartments, can be great for students who want more freedom and privacy.


The average cost of rent in Seoul is £780 per month, but prices range depending on the type of accommodation and location. Seoul is a huge city, and you are bound to find something cheaper!


Other costs

When budgeting for accommodation during your study abroad, be sure to think of extra costs. Living in your own apartment may come with extra costs like wifi, water, electricity and food. Transportation is also an extra cost, especially if you are living in a large city.