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Polina Omelchenko Russia

Why did I choose this university?

I've decided to study in England long before I went to the University. This is why I finished international college in Oxford before. But when the time came to choose the University I had 5 choices – The University of Sheffield, King's College in London, The City University of London, Exeter University and The University of Bath. Even though I've met the requirements to go to any of those Universities I know that I've made the right choice choosing Sheffield. Firstly, that's because it allowed me to do the dual degree that I wanted – Business Management and Economics without making me choose between two subjects that I really like. Secondly, Sheffield is one of the cheapest cities to live in and it was a big factor for me. And finally, the university was located in a perfect city, which was not as small and boring as Oxford, but not as big, and busy as London. I can easily say that Sheffield University gave me everything I wanted and there wasn't a day when I was regretting my choice to come here. It's an amazing place!

My first week

As I've already noted, I spent 3 years in England before coming to Sheffield and therefore I thought that I had nothing to learn about English Culture. But I was wrong! You cannot imagine how different are the people on the North of England, where Sheffield is. Everyone is extremely kind and caring, everyone is smiling and trying to help you even if you look lost for a second. It was a very nice first impression that I got from the people in Sheffield and that made me think that I've made a right choice. But like any other person moving to a new location I was worried about making friends and getting into the new life. But as cliché as it sounds that is the last thing I should have been worried about as during the first week I realized that there are tons of people just like me who are also looking for friends. So at the end of the day I've made friends with people literally everywhere, starting from your flat in accommodation and finishing on the introduction talk from the University.

My Campus

A good thing about Sheffield University is that even though its located in a big city – all the university buildings can be reached in 10 minutes. The very centre of the student life, which I am sure every single student will use throughout the year, is the UK's number 1 Students Union! And yes, we are really proud of it J Students Union is the place where you will have your lectures at the beginning of the day, have a nice lunch in the afternoon, studying session with a cup of hot chocolate in the evening and very fun night out at night! It has everything a student might need starting from the shop that sells sandwiches, stationary and lab coats and finishing with a bubble tea place that turns into a night club at night and a lecture theatre that transforms into a student cinema showing the latest premiers! There is something for everyone!

My local area

A big misstate many people make is thinking that Sheffield is still that industrial steel city is knows as many years ago. Right now Sheffield is a big, modern and developed city, which is perfect for students! There are 2 big Universities in the city – Sheffield Uni and Sheffield Hallam, so as you can imagine, the student population of Sheffield is very big. And for this reason, city has many places, attractions and just many things students can do. There is a big National Park on the doorstep of Sheffield if you like cycling or hiking, there is Meadow hall – a huge shopping mall for shopping lovers, there is a Entertainment Zone – the area for a perfect night out which has restaurants, IMAX cinema, bowling, mini-golf, laser-tag and the ice-ring. All of those places are perfect for the people like me – who do not like loud nights out too often. 

My learning space

As a part of my course I have lectures and tutorials every week. I have lectures with around 200 other people all over the University and then I have tutorials with much smaller groups of around 12 people. Tutorials are great for deepening your knowledge and filling in any knowledge gaps you got on the lectures. However most of my time in the University is dedicated to self-studying outside the lectures. And University of Sheffield has great facilities to make self-studying time as useful as possible. For instance, there are 4 libraries. The biggest one – Information Commons (IC) is open 24 hours 7 days a week and has facilities like a 24-hour cafeteria and shower rooms to help you have a productive studying session. This is my favourite studying space as it really motivates you to work and has all the books that I need for my course. Nevertheless sometimes, especially during the exam period, it can become extremely busy. In those times I prefer going to nice and quite Hallamshire Hospital Library for students studying medicine or the Western Bank Library – the oldest library of the University.

My life

One of the things I love the most about the University of Sheffield is the fact that it allows you to have a great social life whilst still concentrating on your studies. It is very likely that you will become close with the people you live with in your flat and you will spend a loooot of time just sitting at the kitchen and talking! Even during the busy times of exams or assignments you will always make some time to find out how was your flatmate's day! But your flat is not the only place you can make friends; The University of Sheffield has over 300 clubs and societies for whatever you can think of! There is a Pokémon society, society of wine and cheese, dozens of cultural and departmental societies! And even if it doesn't have something that fits your interests, you can always find our own society and get together with people just like you! Personally, I joined my departmental societies which allowed me to make a lot of friends on my course and I also joined the pole fitness society because I've always wanted to try something new!

My home

In my first year I lived in the biggest one of student villages – Endcliffe Village. It is just 15-20 minutes walk from the Students Union and was a centre of my social life during my first year. I had a deluxe room, which had a double bed  (single bed in a standard room), bigger bathroom and more space in general. I also shared a kitchen and common room with 5 more girls from all over the world. I think the best thing about university accommodation (especially on the first year) is all the people you get to meet! I was very lucky with my flatmates as they were all lovely girls. Another great thing about Sheffield University student villages is the fact that every one of them has a student bar in the centre of it. It serves food and drinks and also organises karaoke, quizzes and movie nights. It makes it a perfect place to spend a night out and to get to know your flatmates. 

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Daniyar, UK 5

Great time studying in the University of Sheffield

It was a great experience. I loved the programme, the city and life there. I met so many friends during a year of my Masters, always so many events and societies. Studies were challenging, yet interesting. I learn so much new, and studying in University of Sheffield definitely helped in my career.

It was a great experience. I loved the programme, the city and life there. I met so many friends during a year of my Masters, always so many events and societies. Studies were challenging, yet interesting. I learn so much new, and studying in University of Sheffield definitely helped in my career.

Nguyen, Vietnam 5

My amazing life at University of Sheffield

Please enjoy every bit of your life in Sheffield! At the University of Sheffield, I have not only developed my knowledge and skills, but also gained different working experiences, participated in social activities and made new wonderful friends from all over the world.

Please enjoy every bit of your life in Sheffield! At the University of Sheffield, I have not only developed my knowledge and skills, but also gained different working experiences, participated in social activities and made new wonderful friends from all over the world.

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