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Education Learning

Education learning focuses on the theory behind the way in which we learn in order to gain greater understanding of how to teach effectively. Currently, the government is set to make a lot of changes to the education system and as such pursuing a course of study within this particular field had never been more fascinating.

Is this the course for me?

Do you wish to pursue a career working in learning? Is education a field of interest to you?  If this is the case, then perhaps you ought to consider studying an education research course.

Any teaching course will require students to gain some hands on experience within a classroom environment as well as being capable of conducting their own extra research. As such, the most successful candidates tend to be those who are not only hard working and enthusiastic, but are also capable of dealing with the more vocational aspect of the course content.

Similarly, for this particular course it also important that candidates are able to conduct their own critical research and are capable of independent study.

Careers prospects

There are a number of careers available to those with experience in the education and learning industry. Many students who graduate with such qualifications do so with the intention of working on government funded organisations taking responsibility for sharing out educational resources and funding issues.

Many students pursuing this particular course of study also find themselves in other roles. The ability to think analytically and to research effectively is a useful skill to have in any working environment, but is particularly relevant to those seeking careers in PR, marketing, data analysis and statistics. It is also possible for potential students to find work within the arts and culture sector dealing in media relations and to write funding bids.

Studying Education Learning

There are a number of different courses of study available to those wishing to pursue a career in educational research; some of these undergraduate and others post graduate. An undergraduate course will last a minimum of 3 years, and students taking this particular course will be expected to have a minimum of 3 A-levels as well previous experience within this particular field of study.

If you're a foreign student, you may also be required to pass an IELTS test before the course commences in order demonstrate that there are no language barriers prohibiting students from accessing the course content.

A post-graduate course will not last as long, and students will be expected to have already received an honours degree (ideally a 2:1) before starting the course. Most post-graduate qualifications last a minimum of a year, but can last longer as there are options for part-time study. Similarly, there will also be a number of CDP courses available for those who are already working within the education sector.

Where to study?

The impact your location of study will have upon your experience will be two-fold. Primarily it will impact upon the area you live, so make sure to attend University open days and investigate the local area. Will you be able to live in the local area and enjoy your time there? After all while the academic aspects of your study are important, it is also essential that you enjoy your time as a student on an emotional level.

Similarly, do you have the required grades and experience level to sit your particular course of choice? Do you have the right level of experience and can you afford the fees and the living costs of your particular course? Of course, there's always part-time work available, but it is important that this doesn't interfere with your studies. If you find that you are struggling financially, then there are a wide range of bursaries and scholarships available

However, for a course such as educational learning, the location can also have an impact upon your future prospects within the jobs market. You should try and find a location which will not only make you happy, but will provide you with as wide a range of experience as is possible both within and outside of the course.  If you wanting to stay within the UK, you should also see if there are many job opportunities available within the area post-graduation.

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