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Study Library Studies abroad

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Library Studies

Library studies is a multi-disciplinary field that includes IT, Management and educational skills in order to collect, organise and preserve information. The term ‘Library Science’ and ‘Library Studies’ are considered to be interchangeable and the phrases were first used in 1996 in the ‘Panjab Library Primer’ written by Asa Don Dickenson and published by the University of Pakistan.

Is this the course for me?

If you’re passionate about the preservation of information and are looking for a career within the library and archives industry, then perhaps learning in library studies may be the perfect study course for you.

However, as well as being passionate about information, it is also important that students have strong IT skills as well as being highly organised as these will be essential to successful completion of the core modules.

It is also important that student have strong analytical skills and are able to demonstrate their ability to evaluate and communicate effectively as students will be expected to become familiar with ethical issues behind research, as well as being able to analyse appropriate data and literature.

Careers prospects

The majority of graduates with Library Studies qualifications attempt to pursue careers as a librarian in public, private or academic institutions. They will assist with the management, organisation and evaluation of information and literature alongside supporting the learning of those using the facilities.

However, there are a number of alternative options available to those with qualifications in Library Studies. Students who do not pursue careers as librarians often find themselves logging historical data and information for museums or archives.

As part of a Libraries Studies qualification, students will also develop strong skills of analysis and IT literacy which will be transferable to other industries such as IT and business working as financial or data analysts.

Studying Library Studies

There are a number of courses available to students wishing to study a Library Studies/Library Sciences course. The requirements for these however will not only depend upon the level of your course, but also your place of study.

Those wishing to study an undergraduate course will be expected to have a minimum of 3 A-levels (or equivalent) before the start of the course. Post-graduate courses will, for the most part will have expected students to achieve a minimum of 2.1 grade in related subjects, although some universities may be flexible if applicants have relevant work experience.

An undergraduate course will last a minimum of 3 years with post-graduate courses lasting from 1-3 years. Those wishing to study such a course who do not speak English as a native speaker will be requires to sit an IELTS test and score a minimum of 6.0.

With a library studies course, the majority of the programmes content will be taught through lectures and practical demonstrations using organisational software. Some courses will also encourage students to undertake internship work outside of the course as well as submit written projects.

Where to study?

The impact your university location will have upon your experience will be two-fold. Primarily it will impact upon the area you live, so make sure to attend University open days and investigate the local area. Is there enough social activity for you? Is there too much? Your course will cost a lot of money and it is important that you enjoy your time as a student. Try to find somewhere that not only meets your intellectual needs, but also your emotional ones.

The location can also have an impact upon your future prospects within the jobs market, so you should try and study in a city which is well-known for its information and preservation industry. Cities such as London, Oxford and Cambridge are ideal as there will be plenty of opportunity for Library Studies graduates in libraries, museums and University archives.

The impact your university location will have upon your experience will be two-fold. Primarily it will impact upon the area you live, so make sure to attend University open days and investigate the local area. However, for a vocational course such as a PGCE, the location can also have an impact upon your future prospects within the jobs market. You should try and find a location which will not only make you happy, but will provide you with as wide a range of experience as is possible and will have a number of job opportunities available upon graduation. Many students end up spending their years as a newly qualified teacher in the schools where they trained for their PGCE.

When choosing a PGCE course one of the questions you ought to ask is which aspect of Library Studies fascinates you the most? Where do you want to take your career? You will be studying for a minimum of a year (at least) and hopefully you will have a long and successful career, so it is important that you choose an appropriate specialism. Do you want to work within a digital environment, or is it more important that you work with physical information?

Of course fees and academic grades should also come into consideration when deciding where to study. It is important that you look have the minimum grade required in order to study, as well as the relevant work experience. Similarly, it is also important that you budget how you will pay your way. If you are struggling with fees, or are still applying for funding, there are a number of bursaries and scholarships available for students.

What Library Studies courses are there?


Libraries / Librarianship


Librarianship And Library Management


Library Services


Libraries: Specific Types

STUDY LEVEL Postgraduate

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