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Study Marketing abroad

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Marketing is the promotion of goods and services to different customers and focuses on advertising and selling. Given recent technology developments as well as the increased popularity of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, the world of marketing is currently undergoing a dramatic change with market campaigns being able to target more potential customers at any time of the day.

Is this the course for me?

Are you considering a career in promotions or marketing? Are you fascinated by the impact that marketing campaigns can have upon consumer purchasing patterns? If so then pursuing a qualification in marketing may potentially be a suitable course of study for you.

Those who wish to gain successful completion of this course should be capable of creative though as well as having strong logical thinking skills and should be able to interpret marketing statistics in order to analyse the efficiency that different campaign styles can have upon different consumer demographics.

Similarly, many marketing qualifications require students to pursue industry placement as well as conduct extra research in their own spare time. As such, students should be time efficient and hard-working in order to achieve a strong degree classification.

Careers prospects

Many students who study marketing at university take jobs as marketing assistants upon completion of their course. With a starting salary for a Marketing Assistant working out as £19,618 per year in the UK, marketing can be a highly lucrative career with top level executives earning £30,000 or more a year. These salaries can change depending upon geographic location.

Similarly many graduates find work as marketing and advertising copywriters, social media consultants and even take on marketing research roles.

However, as part of the course, students will develop their skills of analysis, clarity of expression and ability to plan and think strategically, all of which are transferable to other sectors such as PR, sales and brand managements as well as admin and customer services roles.

Studying Marketing

Most undergraduate programmes will expect student to have a minimum of 3 A-levels or equivalent and the course will last a minimum of 3 years. However, some programmes of study will last an extra year and will allow students to pursue an industry placement between stages 2 and 3 which will contribute towards the final qualification.

However, marketing courses can also be studied at post-graduate level. These courses will last for a minimum of a year, although this will depend upon your level of study and whether or not you choose to study a part time or full time course. Those applying for a place on a post graduate programme should have a minimum of a 2:1 qualification and relevant work experience.

If you’re wishing to study this particular discipline, but you’re a non-native speaker of English then don’t worry! Universities will still consider your application on the proviso that you meet the entry requirements and you can score a minimum of 6.0 – 6.5 on an IELTS test before starting the course.

Where to study?

There will be a number of module options available to study at each of the universities. Many of the core degree modules are similar between courses, but the optional modules offered may differ depending upon the institution. It is always worth investigating whether your university of choice offers you module choices that will benefit your career.

It is important to ensure that you attend a University that is both prestigious and has strong links within the industry you are interested in. Many top firms cultivate relationships with certain academic establishments from which they will recruit the majority of their entry level staff. This is particularly important for those who have specific ideas about their career as relevant work experience will be essential when it comes getting a job.

Irrespective of which course you decide to study, the location of the university itself should also be taken into consideration when making your decision. You will be studying for at least a year and choosing somewhere you will thrive on both a personal and academic level is vital. Discovering new cultures and meeting new people is a huge part of student life and it is important that you make the most of your university experience. While some students prefer to study in big cities with a more out-going social scene, others prefer smaller establishments with a more communal focus.

You should always look at the entry requirements and your own finances before submitting an application to your university of choice. Do you have the right grades for entry? If you’re still struggling to secure funding there are a number of options available to you including scholarships and bursaries.

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