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Study Office Administration abroad

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Office Administration

Office administration is a day-to-day activity that focuses on the financial planning, billing and record keeping within a business or company. Office administrators are responsible for the planning of work assignments, requesting new office equipment and organising departmental changes as well as helping higher management hire or fire employees and working on rotas.

There are a number of office administration courses available across the world for those wanting to pursue this particular avenue of study.

Is this the course for me?

Are you fascinated by the allocation of resources? Are you passionate about business and looking to pursue a career in an office environment? Are you highly organised? If so then perhaps you might consider studying a course in office administration.

It is important for any student pursuing this particular course of study that they are independently motivated and highly efficient as many courses will expect students to undertake a number of extra-curricular placements in order to gain experience in a working environment.

The content of most office administration based courses is varied and will cover a wide range of topic from employee relationships to the efficient allocation resources and budgets. As such, it is important that potential students have a natural aptitude for the subject matter as well as an interest in all aspects of business.

Career prospects

The majority of administration graduates look to pursue a career of study in administration. Many graduates find work within the business sector as an office administrator ensuring that a company complies with legal requirements as well as acting as a source of communication between management and the workers. This particular career can be lucrative for new graduates with entry level salaried working out at £18,500 - £30,000 per year.

Similarly, those who have a passion for the arts and culture industry can find administration roles in this particular field working within galleries, theatres and exhibitions ensuring the smooth running of educational events for public and private benefactors.

Similarly, one of the key skills office administration graduates will acquire throughout the course is that of clear and concise communication. This can be transferred to a number of roles from PR roles, Personal Assistant Roles as well as working on planning events.

Studying Office Administration

If you’re applying for a place on an undergraduate programme, you will be expected to have a minimum of 3 A-levels and experience in subjects such as economics, business or maths will strengthen your application. The course is likely to last a minimum of 3 years, although some courses may last for 4 allowing students to gain a year of work experience which will increase your employability factor post-graduation.

If you’re wishing to study at post-graduate level, then you will be expected to have a 2:1 degree prior to commencing the course, alongside some hands on work experience. A post-graduate programme will last for a minimum of a year, although this will depend upon the level of study. Many establishments offer part-time study options for learners who wish to work while studying, although this may cost more in the long-term.

If you’re a non-native speaker of English, then before starting your chosen programme, you will be required to sit an IELTS test and score a minimum of 6.0 – 6.5. Provided that you are able to do this and meet the entry requirements, then there should be no problem with your application.

Where to study?

It is important to ensure that you attend a University that is both prestigious and has strong links within the industry you are interested in. Many top firms cultivate relationships with certain academic establishments from which they will recruit the majority of their entry level staff.

Irrespective of which course you decide to study, the location of the university itself should also be taken into consideration. You will be studying for up to three years, so you should choose a location that suits your personality. Are you a social butterfly, or do you prefer to socialise in smaller groups? Some students prefer to study in big cities with a more out-going social scene whereas others prefer smaller establishments so you should really consider what you’re looking for socially. Discovering new cultures and meeting new people is a huge part of student life and it is vital that you make the most of your university experience.

There will be a number of module options available to study at each of the universities. Many of the core degree modules are similar between courses, but the optional modules offered may differ depending upon the institution. It is always worth investigating whether your university of choice offers you module choices that will benefit your career.

You should always look at the entry requirements and your own finances before submitting an application to your university of choice. Do you have the right grades for entry? If you’re still struggling to secure funding there are a number of options available to you including scholarships and bursaries.

What Office Administration courses are there?


Office Skills / Administration


Office Technology Skills

STUDY LEVEL Vocational / Undergraduate

Legal Secretarial Work


Secretarial / Bilingual

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