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Pedagogy is the science and art of education and covers the development of human skills acquisition. The word comes from the Greek ‘paidagogeo’ meaning to lead the child and incorporates cognitive development theories and conceptual knowledge.

Is this the course for me?

Are you passionate about education? Do you want to pursue a career in learning? If so then perhaps this is the perfect course of study for you.

However while it is essential for students to have a passion and flair for the subject matter, it is also vital that they are hard-working, capable of independent study and conducting critical research.

Career prospects

Those with a qualification in pedagogy may pursue a wide range of careers within the education sector. From teaching assistant roles to learning mentors for those with educational difficulties, the possibilities with this particular course are diverse.

Similarly, those with qualifications in these disciplines may also enter early years teaching roles looking after and taking responsibility for the learning of young minds.

Studying Pedagogy

There are a number of study options for those wishing to study this particular course who have a strong passion for education. An undergraduate degree will last 3 years, although there may be the opportunity to extend the course by a year in order to gain practical hands-on experience.

Candidates wishing to study an undergraduate course should have a minimum of 3 A-levels, or equivalent. If you want to study on a post-graduate course, you should have a strong degree classification and relevant experience.

A post-graduate course will last a minimum of a year, although this will vary and there are options to study both full-time and part-time. Non-native speakers of English will also have to sit an IELTS test and score between 6.0-6.5 before starting any course of study.

Where to study?

The impact your university location will have upon your experience will be two-fold. Primarily it will impact upon the area you live, so make sure to attend University open days and investigate the local area. However, for a vocational course such as a pedagogy, the location can also have an impact upon your future prospects within the jobs market. You should try and find a location which will not only make you happy, but will provide you with as wide a range of experience as is possible and will have a number of job opportunities available upon graduation.

When choosing a pedagogy course one of the questions you ought to ask is which teaching area fascinates you the most? You will be studying for a minimum of a year (at least) and hopefully you will have a long and successful teaching career, so it is important that you choose an appropriate specialism. Do you want to work with young children? Are sixth formers more your interest?

Of course fees and academic grades should also come into consideration when deciding where to study. A teaching course if fiercely competitive, so it is important that you look have the minimum grade required in order to study, as well as the relevant work experience. Similarly, it is also important that you budget how you will pay your way. If you are struggling with fees, or are still applying for funding, there are a number of bursaries and scholarships available for students.

What Pedagogy courses are there?


Teacher / Trainer Assessment


Coaching (Teaching / Training)


Outdoor Education (Teaching / Training)

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