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Study Teacher Training / PGCE abroad

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Teacher Training

Teacher training refers to the training of educational professionals in order to teach within a classroom environment. A course of this nature will cover the theory behind the development of skills alongside lesson planning techniques and how to promote effective learning.

Is this the course for me?

It is not just important that students are passionate about teaching, but it is also important that students have demonstrated in-depth knowledge regarding the subject they wish to teach as teacher training focuses on the practical aspects of teaching as opposed to refining your knowledge of your chosen subject.

Do you enjoy working with people? Are you looking to pursue a career in teaching? Are you passionate about your chosen subject of study? If so, then training to teach may be ideal for you.

Careers prospects

The careers path options available to those with a teachers training qualification very much depend on the area in which you have chosen to specialise while studying. Most graduates in this particular field opt to go into teaching roles either in a primary school, a secondary school or at sixth form level, teaching a specific subject.

If you’re the sort of graduate looking for an adventure, then a teaching qualification will allow you the opportunity to travel, particularly if your native language is a world language such as English or Spanish.

A newly qualified teacher will earn a minimum of £21,588 per year in the UK, although for those based in London, this salary should increase to £27,000 to cover the increased costs of living in the city. However, for those who are looking to supplement their income, there is always the option to earn money on a freelance basis offering extra tuition to students struggling academically.

Studying Teacher Training

Competition to study teaching is particularly tough. Not only are graduates required to have strong qualifications they are also expected to demonstrate that they have previous teaching experience through volunteer work. If you’re studying at post-graduate level, you should have a strong degree already and those wishing to study on an undergraduate course should have 3 A-levels or equivilant.

It is also important that potential students demonstrate their fluency in English. Native students will be required to have a minimum of C grade at GCSE English, and foreign students will be required to sit an IELTS test and score a minimum grade of 6.0. It is also worth nothing that the government are looking to bring modern languages such as French and Spanish onto the national curriculum at Primary School level, so having a language qualification may also have a beneficial impact upon your application.

Assessments will be both written and practical and you will be expected to attend lectures alongside working in a classroom environment and the focus will be on teaching rather than brushing up your skills in academia.

Where to study?

The impact your university location will have upon your experience will be two-fold. Primarily it will impact upon the area you live, so make sure to attend University open days and investigate the local area. However, for a vocational course such as a teaching, the location can also have an impact upon your future prospects within the jobs market. You should try and find a location which will not only make you happy, but will provide you with as wide a range of experience as is possible and will have a number of job opportunities available upon graduation.

When choosing a teaching course one of the questions you ought to ask is which teaching area fascinates you the most? You will be studying how to teach for a minimum of a year (at least) and hopefully you will have a long and successful teaching career, so it is important that you choose an appropriate specialism. Do you want to work with young children? Are sixth formers more your interest? Whoever you want to teach, there are a number of courses to choose from.

Of course fees and academic grades should also come into consideration when deciding where to study. A teaching course if fiercely competitive, so it is important that you look have the minimum grade required in order to study, as well as the relevant work experience. Similarly, it is also important that you budget how you will pay your way. If you are struggling with fees, or are still applying for funding, there are a number of bursaries and scholarships available for students.

What Teacher Training / PGCE courses are there?


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