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3 Fields to study in South Korea

What are the best fields to study in South Korea? Here’s what you need to know about studying Engineering, the Natural Sciences and the Humanities as an international student...

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South Korea’s vibrant culture and beautiful cities make this country a wonderful place to work and live. As Korea continues to grow globally and offer more and more opportunities for international students, now is a great time to start thinking about career opportunities. Here we’ve come up with just a few reasons why Engineering, the Natural Sciences and the Humanities are great career paths in South Korea!



South Korea has made huge changes to the culture of education in the country in the past half a century. In 2012, South Korean students were five times more likely than American students to major in Engineering, and they were providing the United States with high skilled engineers.

Today, universities like KAIST and Seoul National University rank among the top schools in the world for engineering degrees. South Korean students are known for their intellectual ability and fantastic work ethic, which can help graduates find a perfect career as an engineer.


Natural Science

Natural science degrees provide students with strong research skills and creative ability, which can help as graduates move into the job market. Employers are looking for strong candidates that can show their knowledge and ability and the natural sciences provide the perfect basis for those interested in how the world works. As we said before, South Korean students are well known for their ability to perform under pressure, which definitely carries weight with employers in Korea and all over the world.

Seoul National University, KAIST and POSTECH all offer strong programmes in the natural sciences.  



Studying any humanities degree in South Korea would give insight into the dense traditional and political history of this country, and supply the student with the ability to read critically and conduct research. For most students that want to enter the job market in South Korea, a Masters degree in the humanities is highly recommended.

Yonsei University, Korea University and Sungkyunkwan University can all boast strong humanities programmes.


Now that you know about some of the best fields to study in South Korea, why not start searching for some courses using our search tool below?