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Why study Politics?

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The understanding of how people, ideas and institutions interact and its effect in society as a whole is the main focus of a politics degree. It’s all about how humans decide to organise themselves, how governments come to power and how society is regulated. With so much change and interconnections taking place around the world, the study of political science therefore becomes relevant in modern times.

Study Options

The kind of subjects that you are likely to come across include governance, risk and crisis management, international relations, human rights, globalisation, public policy, philosophy, economics and strategy.

Additionally, with growing globalisation and importance of cross-national and national agreements and policies, the need of educated and well rounded professionals to represent the countries at an international podium increases, giving politics graduates the opportunity to work locally as well as overseas.

As other humanities degrees, the structure of the course consists of coursework and tests throughout the year. You would also be expected to take up a dissertation or thesis during your study period. A large proportion of the study is based on discussion and debate. You would be allowed to study some core modules that are general and choose a specific major to specialise in.

Some of the universities that offer excellent postgraduate courses in political science include: 

University of Sheffield

Aston University

University of Melbourne

Queen Mary University of London

University of Lincoln.

Career Options

Governments need and welcome experienced and specialised individuals to make the most of their education and skills in the field of politics for the improvement of the country’s regulations and systems, as well as enhancing their individual growth.

There are various options in the professional field of political science. The career paths you can choose go from administration roles, counsellor, consultant, activist, analyst, teacher, political editor/journalist, publisher, entrepreneur, lobbyist, immigration officer and many more.

Postgraduate study of Political Science will allow you to further specialise in the modules or topics that are most interesting for you. You can also go for a degree at PhD level if you want to potentially follow into an academic career.


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