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Study abroad: Subject Guides

Can’t decide on what to study? It’s a common problem. Our guides below shine a spotlight on all those subjects and areas you could study abroad. Learn more about what these courses cover; hear what the professors enjoy most about teaching them; and see what exciting areas graduates have progressed on to.

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Engineering degrees: What to expect

Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most popular degree choices. With a range of specialisations and very good career and professional prospects, engineering degrees rank in the top five most-searched qualifications by international students. Nobody can deny that there is a certain prestige that is attached to having completed a degree in the field. However, have you ever taken the time to investigate exactly what an engineering course entails and what you’ll be studying as a

pre-masters courses abroad

What is a pre-masters course?

If you have had your eye on studying a postgraduate qualification, and particularly a master’s degree you would have encountered pre-master’s programmes in your research. Sometimes it’s not always easy to understand the differences between the qualifications and courses on offer and why you would apply or enrol for a pre-master’s programme. We take a closer look at pre-master’s courses and programmes, demystifying the details.     What is a pre-master's programme?


What are professional degrees?

When evaluating your study options and doing your research you’ll probably have come across qualifications that are categorised as professional degrees. Perhaps you’re not entirely sure what this means or what differentiates such programmes and courses from academic degrees. You may also be asking yourself if they have a particular impact on your career trajectory. We take a closer look at professional degrees for you and examine what they’re all about.   What is the


MA vs MSc: What is the best choice?

We’ve all come across what can appear to be a dizzying amount of degree and qualification acronyms. Sometimes you can feel you need a degree just to understand what they all are. However, two of the most common are an MSc degree and an MA degree, both of which are postgraduate master’s degree qualifications. In this article, we explore the difference between an MA and MSc degree, what they mean and some of the characteristics of both.    What is an MA?