The basics

Study abroad: Once you arrive

So you’ve finally arrived abroad....what now? Whether you’re having trouble settling in, you’re homesick or you need help making new friends, we’re not leaving you alone just yet. Let’s make sure you make the most of your new life abroad...

Must read

The ultimate guide to surviving your first year at university as an international student

Written by Annie Thomas, from student shipping company Uni Baggage.   Course offer - * check* .   Accommodation confirmation - * check*.   Flight tickets - *check* .   Everything seems to be in order and you’ve pretty much got your whole life packed away in several suitcases, ready to be shipped off to another country to begin a brand new exhilarating chapter in your life… So why does it still feel so unnerving? We totally


Survival guide to the rest of the term

So you’ve settled into the rhythm of a new term...or at least it  was  a new term a few weeks ago! You know which of your professors you like (and those you don’t quite); you've gotten used to your regimen and work schedule; and you’re back on a student budget, with the comforts of your most recent trip home a faint memory.   Students can feel slightly down when they reach the middle of the academic term for the following reasons: Homesickness


25 ways to eat healthily on a student budget

So you’ve finally settled into your new student digs. You’re super excited to start a brand new chapter of your life, but you’ve been eating the bland cafeteria food for two weeks now and you’re getting pretty sick of it. Eating out every day would set you back quite a bit. That leaves eating at home. How do you go about this though?   Eating healthily on a student budget might not be easy, but it’s definitely possible! We’ve gathered 25 tips just for you.