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South Korea: Applying to University - Must read

Applying to a South Korean university

Are you unsure how to apply to a university in South Korea? Read our guide on applying to a university as an international student...

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Applying to a university in South Korea is a relatively easy process and the international office is there to help you along the way so make sure you use them as much as you need! Almost every university will require you to apply directly to the university through an online application, just like South Korean students do, so check out their website for more information!


Luckily, English taught programmes in South Korea are expanding rapidly, so it will not be difficult to be accepted if you cannot speak fluent Korean, although we really recommend reaching a certain level purely for your comfort and ability to settle in. You can look at over 1,000 courses offered by South Korean Universities like Ewha Womens University using our search tool below. 


Documents you will need to apply

  • Letter of recommendation and a counsellor reference
  • Copy of your passport
  • Certificate of Facts concerning the entry and exit, issued by the Korean authorities
  • University application materials, which often include a personal statement
  • Proof of proficiency in either Korean or English language, depending on the programme you are applying to


You will need a visa to study in South Korea and you'll need to sort this out well in advance as it can take a few months for a study visa to be processed depending on which country you come from. Click here for more information on how to apply for a visa


When to apply

Korean universities take deadlines seriously, so don’t wait to apply!

Applications are usually open from January to February, with admissions decisions released in April. Certain programmes may require language proficiency exams, which can be held in August, after acceptance onto the programme. Be sure to check with your specific university for more accurate dates.


Tips for applying

  • Start organising your documents now. If you know you want to study abroad, you’ll need documents, like a passport, no matter where you go. You won’t want to wait until the last minute to get your documentation in order. You’d be surprised how many students’ passports are due to expire and then end up having to delay their studies!


  • Get in contact with the international office at your university. If you have any questions, they will be able to help you!


  • Be aware of deadlines. Like we said before, deadlines are a big deal in South Korea! Make sure to get everything in before the application period ends.


  • Apply to more than one university! This will increase your chances of acceptance and give you more choices. 


Best of luck! Start your search for a South Korean university right here.