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The UK: Before you leave

Have you remembered everything you need to before you leave for the UK? Are you absolutely sure? Let’s make sure you’ve not forgotten something essential before you get on the plane to your future abroad...

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10 top tips: before you start your UK studies

Firstly, congratulations if you’ve been accepted to a UK university! While the hard part is over, it’s now time to prepare for your departure. Get organized before you leave so you can enjoy your time in the UK.   1. Look for international student events  If you’re thinking of studying in the UK, you couldn’t be applying at a better time. The post-study work visa has just been extended for international students, enabling you to stay in the UK for up to two


Student Insights: Academic cultures in the UK and U.S.

Moving to another country to pursue your studies comes with its own set of unique challenges. Sometimes it can appear that there is simply too much to learn and adjust to, but you’ll be surprised by how resilient and resourceful you can be in a new environment. Naturally one of the most critical areas to get a handle on is the adjustment to a new academic system and setting. We had a chat to Emilia who came over from the U.S. to study in the UK.     Did


Student Insights: Adjusting to studying in the UK

Inevitably when you move abroad to study it may take some time to get used to a new culture and find your feet. There may be different traditions or cultural conventions to learn, not to mention the quirks of language. In addition to this you’ll be adjusting to a new academic environment, meaning there’s a lot to learn and acclimate to. Don’t let this put you off though, as the experience is well worth the learning curve. We sat down with Emilia, an American student who studied in the


What you need to know about studying in the UK in 2021

If you’re aiming to study in the UK in 2021 or are a currently registered international student, it’s essential that you’re up to date on the latest information that could have an impact on your studies. This way you can plan effectively. Most importantly it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the latest UK government coronavirus guidance and what this could mean for you. We’ve got you covered on all fronts, including where to get the latest information. Let’s jump right in with the