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The UK: Destination Guides

No country is the same throughout. Things vary significantly from region to region in terms of attitudes, geography, people and culture. Find out about what it is like to be an everyday resident in the UK, including how you would get around and what there is to do for fun!

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Where to study in the UK that's NOT London

While most international students who come to the UK are drawn to London, not everyone is so amoured with the hustle-bustle of London life which is understandable. So below we highlight some alternative study destinations in the UK if you want to be a little different...   Manchester Manchester has a thriving arts and music scene that transcends all genres from Indie cool to high cheese – its four main theatres often stage West End musical hits, for example… if

Why study in Scotland

5 Reasons you should study in Scotland

Have you considered studying in Scotland? No? Why not? When most international students think of studying in the UK, they think of studying at Oxford or Cambridge, two of the top universities in the world; however the likelihood of gaining admission to one of these institutions is slim due to the heavy competition. Others automatically think of studying in London; yes, one of the top tourist cities in the world, but everyone heads there.   Why don’t you


Studying in the UK w/ City University, London [VIDEO]

Adrian Dutch , Head of International at City University, London addresses some of the key questions for students wishing to study in the UK. Start watching the clips from our Google Hangout with Adrian by clicking on the video below (the full playlist will play one after the other or you can choose a video to watch from the playlist after the video player):     ‘ The perfect application journey to a British university ’ ‘ Applying


Study destination: Manchester

Studying a degree in a city like Manchester will provide you with a qualification highly valued by employers and a great educational experience, whilst you are enchanted by the cosmopolitan features of this major city. Hotcourses Abroad talks about this wonderful and ideal place to spend your student years. Also called the ‘City of science and discovery,’ Manchester is a successful, flourishing hub and deems itself the commercial and cultural capital of the North of England. Its