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Liverpool John Moores University Campus Connect App

The LJMU CampusConnect app is designed to help students with an offer to find out more about the institution before arriving...

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Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) through developers, Campus Connect, have created an app that gives offer-holding students the opportunity to find out everything they need to know about the university before they arrive.


You can connect with other fellow applicants, get great advice from current students and ask university staff any questions you may have. You’ll be in the loop about everything LJMU has to offer.


As soon as you receive an offer to study, a link to download the app will be sent your way. You can download it at any time after receiving your offer. LJMU Int CampusConnect is available from the Apple app store, GooglePlay and soon, the Amazon App store.


Once you have the app, you can get involved in discussions and make friends with students on your course or from your accommodation. You can learn more about LJMU and have any questions answered by friendly university staff. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to current students through instant chat facilities or private direct messages. Whatever your queries or worries, LJMU are here to help.


Maps, articles, image galleries and useful tips are even tailored to your interests. If you’re reading an article about a particular location, a map can be included with a pin that tells you exactly how far away the place is. No more wondering how far your lecture room is from your halls of residence or how close the best food places are.


With CampusConnect you’ll be able to receive any important messages or updates sent by the university so you will always have access to key information.


Current LJMU international student, Harsha De Silva, found the app super helpful, “Although socialising was the main reason I downloaded it, I found that a lot of interesting discussions were going on in the app itself.


In one day, I managed to gather a lot of information about the progress of my CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies) letter and visa application procedures. I was constantly in touch with one of the app’s ambassadors, who is a current student at LJMU. She provided me with first-hand knowledge of the things she encountered through her experience of the CAS letter and the online visa application.


There were also other students who had group discussions about student accommodation, part-time jobs and transportation from the airport to the university which was very useful.


The app really helped me out from the day I applied for the visa, to the day I came to Liverpool and adjusted to my new life at LJMU.”


LJMU International Digital Marketing Officer Laura Bowe says CampusConnect is really useful for the university too, “The app has been a great example of responding to student needs. It has improved the accessibility of information to those who are disadvantaged in terms of location and ability to reach us for face to face interactions. It also gives users a chance to have real-time interactions with staff and other students which, among this age group, is an expectation that is often hard to uphold.”

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