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**Overview:** The programme draws on the presence of the largest mathematical physics group in Scotland to deliver a programme that combines the core material of an excellent mathematics degree together with the precise mathematical language of 21st century mathematical physics. The skills acquired will be of great use to those wishing to carry on with postgraduate study in mathematical physics/pure mathematics/applied mathematics and will also be highly valued by employers interested in mathematicians with the ability to describe and solve real-world problems. **Year 1:** The core mathematics material includes algebra, calculus, statistics and problem solving skills. The physics content includes mechanics, fields and forces, and waves and matter. Level 1 has been carefully designed to ease the transition from school to university.**Year 2:** Level 2 consolidates and extends the material of level 1 in both pure and applied mathematics/mechanics and introduces the multivariable calculus and vector analysis that will form the mathematical language of the later mathematical physics content. Level 2 also introduces the key concepts of abstraction and formal proof.**Year 3:** The core level 3 courses develop mathematical skills and knowledge and introduce the ideas used at the forefront of modern mathematics. Subjects include complex analysis, abstract algebra, applied mathematics, and ordinary differential equations. Electromagnetism is studied along with two mathematical physics options chosen from thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, quantum theory and solitons, Lie groups and Lie algebras, and fluid mechanics. These are courses that develop and use the tools of mathematical physics. **Year 4:** Level 4 continues to build the solid mathematical background essential in modern mathematical physics, with courses in geometry, functional analysis, pure mathematics, and partial differential equations. The remaining two courses from the mathematical physics options thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, quantum theory and solitons, Lie groups and Lie algebras and fluid mechanics are followed, along with a course on special relativity that uses the set of mathematical tools developed in the rest of the programme. A mathematical physics project is carried out under the supervision of a member of our internationally-leading mathematical physics research group.

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Study options

Full Time (4 Years)

Tuition fees
£16,000.00 (US$ 21,333) per year
This is a fixed fee
Start date

12 September 2022


Edinburgh Campus



Edinburgh, City Of,

EH14 4AS, Scotland

Entry requirements

For students from United States

including Mathematics at A for entry to Year 1.For entry to Year 2: AAA including Mathematics.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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